The Site


If your site has an online store such as price lists submitted only in the format *. xls file, this is from my point of view of reason to believe a store at least nesereznym and undignified. Coordinates. It is obligatory on the site an online store should be given any 'off-line' coordinates, such as phone numbers, better city, better yet e-mail address. Can communicate through e-mail, icq, and a feedback form on this site are not even discussed – should be 'default'.

Order form and payment. To order the goods on Online e-shop should be a special order form, which often precedes the registration of the user with an indication of their origin and identity. In spite of some difficulty may be happening with narrow-minded point of view, this approach believe the only right decision in ordering online trading. Conversely, it is not welcome to shop to make orders in the style of 'contact us' or' knock in Asya '. As for the payment of the order: there are plenty of ways to pay, though "bottled thoughts on the tree" in Ukrainian reality makes no sense. Internet payments are not particularly popular among both Internet users and at its own stores, so the most common form of payment is cash payment for the courier delivery of goods or money order to receipt (invoice) sent to you in your online store for confirmation order. Delivery. How praavilo, online shopping is carried out free delivery within the city and paid to other regions.

Development Pupils


In moments of resolution of problem, are necessary that let us be intent to the movements of mathematical thought elaborated by the pupils, attempting against for the situation-dilemtica where all can be involved and not only for the stages of solution of the problem. We understand that the use of games in the education of Mathematics, when intentionally definite, can promote a estimulador and challenging context for the movement of formation of the thought of the human being, of its capacity of cooperation and one to assist didactic in the construction of mathematical concepts. We understand that the game is a facilitador of the learning, therefore mobilizes the playful dimension for the resolution of problem, disponibilizando the pupil to learn, exactly that the formalizao of the concept is subsequent to the game. The games worked in classroom must have rules, these are classified in three types: 1.Strategical games, where the abilities are worked that compose the logical reasoning. With them, the pupils read rules and search ways to reach the final objective, using strategies for this. The factor luck does not intervene with the result. 2. Games of training, which are used when the professor perceives that some pupils need reinforcement in one definitive content and wants to substitute the tiring lists of exercises.

In them, almost always the factor luck exerts a preponderant paper and intervenes with the final results, what it can frustrate the ideas previously placed. 3. Geometric games, that have as objective to develop the ability of comment and the logical thought. With them we obtain to work geometric figures, similarity of figures, angles and polygons. The games with rules are important for the development of the logical thought, therefore the systematic application same them directs the deductions. More they are adjusted for the development of abilities of thought of what for the work with some specific content.

Empire System


After all of accounts, fashion is not only to dress, is a set of information that guide customs and behaviors and vary in the time and the society. There they are enclosed, beyond clothes and adornments, music, literature, the architecture, the habits, at last, everything what it can move with the time and that, to each time, is dictated by determined trend. Fashion, according to Palomino (2003), is much more of what clothes, is a system that integrates the simple use of the clothes of day-by-day to a bigger context, politician, social, sociological. According to author nowadays we are accustomed to a system that operates the fashion in a scope of parades, modismos, trends. But nor always it was thus. in contrast of what if it can imagine, the phenomenon fashion does not belong to all the times and all the civilizations.

The primitive peoples are unaware of the fashion concept. Neither the fashion is something that exists has much time. As it affirms Lipovetsky (1989) in old Egypt, the same type of common gown-tnica to the two sexos was remained per almost fifteen centuries with an almost absolute permanence; in Greece, peplo, from above feminine suit, were imposed of the origins until the half of century VI before our age; in Rome, the masculine suit? the gown and the tnica? it persisted, with variations of details, of the times most remote until the end of the Empire. Thus, exactly that certain civilizations they have been little conservatives to what others, more opened to the new features, febris for luxury and exhibition, had never been able to be come close to what fashion is called, in other words, the fashion did not command new structures, nor new forms of suit, functioned here as simple decorative complement and of adornment. It does not have fashion system seno when the taste for the new features if becomes one begins constant and to regulate.

Syndicalistic National Party


These authors would have its importance in consequence of the paper who had had in the construction of a reflection historical-politics on the reasons of the failure of the First Republic. The conclusions of the studies of this group pointed with respect to the necessity of the reinforcement of the central public power. In the international scene the Crisis of 29 made to appear a strong feeling opposes to the ideas and Liberal proposals. In some countries, especially in the Europe, appear the notion of that only regimes that they privileged a system based on reinforcement and centralization of the State and that they were led by a charismatic leader would be the only alternative to solve the problems economic and to bar the ascension of the communist propaganda. Countries as Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain had finished adhering to these proposals that had been known as authoritarian Nazi-fascists or. (CAPELATO, 2003).

It is in this environment that appears Ao Brazilian Integralista (AIB) that, established in October of 1932, it was, amongst the organizations that defended nationalistic values according to MAY and CYTRYNOWICZ (2003), the one that reached greater projection and level of organization. The AIB was created from the aglutinao of following the small groups and right extreme parties: Brazilian Social action, National Party Fascist, Pertaining to the state of Cear Legion of the Work, Syndicalistic National Party, in August of 1933, Salty Pliny, Gustavo Barroso and others, embark northward of the country, having made conferences in Fields, Victory, Salvador, Aracaju, Macei, Recife, Paraba, $fortaleza, So Lus, Belm and Manaus, being established nuclei in some cities . (CARONE, P. 207, 1976). Between the works that had analyzed the trajectory of this organization the interdisciplinaridade is the mark strongest, the proper areas of formation of the researchers varies between science> abandonment of the questions politics, on the part of the community of the historians.

Rio Grande


In these ratios the nationalism the defense of its unit is on, that falls again on the management of each province, the invasion of the Brazilian territory, invokes and/or wounds so strong feelings never before, as in the sample president Luiz Barboza Da Silva: This guarantee, this protection of all for each one, that results of the set of sworn institutions; security individual and of property that each one finds for itself and guarantees in turn its fellow citizens, tranquillity public who from there result, and certainty of that our language, our customs and our religion, will be always coffers sacred, that piously we have to transmit our grandsons here it is our proper memory and the enlargement that we will have given to it, that is the native land Perceives that this speech passes of the criterion description for the consolidation of the ideological argument, and in the province of the Rio Grande of the North the importance of the maintenance of ' ' coffers sagradas' ' as: customs, language, religion and of the traditions, as well as the individual property, taken root with the maintenance of the power of the local elite, were part of a iderio that needed to pass to a period of training to the front, the elites could not alone supply the defense of the Country, as well as, the construction of the nation, the situation of war and, the consolidation of an enemy in common it becomes possible the integration of an element until then suppressed and feared; the popular participation in mass; According to Hobsbawm For the obvious, layers most traditional, delayed or poor reasons of each people were the last ones to be involved in such movements: workers, used and peasants, who followed the way traced for ' ' well-behaved ' ' the elite. The phase of the mass nationalism, that came normally under the influence of organizations of the average layer of nationalists (…) was of some form related with economic development and politician.