One Two To Hear


The most famous rock band from Ireland and one of the most consolidated on the international music scene. While were born as a small group of his homeland, the commitment that its members, Bono, lead singer and guitarist, The Edge, guitarist, keyboard and vocals, Adam Clayton, were low, and Larry Mullen Jr., drums and percussion, he made that they were gradually making a hole in the difficult world of music. The quality of his lyrics, sound of melodies and interpretative force of all of them got that millions of people around the world were followers of the group, which was born as a claim to an announcement that the battery put in the newspaper. You never know how things may arise and, in the majority of occasions, life gives so many twists and so many unexpected surprises that we never know where it will lead us. As happened to these Irish guys, who never would have thought of at first in that would become the band’s highest-paid music from around the globe. His concerts always they are full of fans who make endless queues to see and hear their idols closely. However, get tickets to enjoy their live shows is often a real Odyssey.

Therefore, if you don’t want to miss out, it’s better you espabiles and you’re aware of the date of sale. So it poses a great problem, a system that will allow you to get your tickets with astounding ease you put at the fingertips (enters tickets u2 to prove the date of their upcoming concerts). For general information, visit tickets sale and see all the shows that will take place in Spain.

Preston Street


The other day I was modified in an Italian cafe that will change hand these days and was one of the last batalladores by European, rather Western, good food, or acceptable non-edible, food always is comible that remained in this rather small capital city (Ottawa). It can be said without exaggeration that the departure from the traditional Don Alfonso, i.e. unique food Spanish really, the closure of the Panache, the only French restaurant, the drop in quality and rising prices of La Strada and Fratellis, both Italian as you can see, only left standing in the city a German restaurant in the Preston Street and La casa do churrascoPortuguese, rowing in the middle of this rich tidal, diversified and inexpensive restaurants so-called ethnic, excluding the repetitive quite tiring Arab food apart from the Ethiopian. But perhaps that is the only thing that can be sold here, in this rudimentary gastronomic atmosphere. This exuberant food Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, thai, etc., the Latin American since it seems relatively little migration to Latin to the city would not assimilate as soon as that now already it is not nostalgic exiles, but entrepreneurs immigrants who want to eat the food mainstream in the world who want to assimilate. With the exception of Mexican food, yes it consumed around the world because it is American, universal and established, remember the texmex. But I don’t want to talk about this time from this neospengleriano process of decadence West already evident in the international news, with the India and China will dominate the world in a few years and the United States are desperate to maintain presence in neighboring countries and enemies of the India. This decline of the West at the household level is manifest in the increasing incomibilidad of the Canadian food, parallel to ascension misilica of their prices and the loss of the culinary compass, which is the first sign of the decline of civilizations and its replacement by other younger and dynamics.

Cholesterol High


Cholesterol is something that all of us have. This fatty substance found in every cell in your body and plays an important role in a variety of functions, including maintaining cell membranes, synthesis of the hormone, and the production of vitamin D. However, the body naturally produces adequate amounts of cholesterol to sustain the body optimally and so any additional cholesterol added with our diet, is unnecessary, and when levels become too high in cholesterol becomes potentially dangerous. The body manufactures two types of cholesterol HDL (good form of cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol form). When LDL levels are too high, fat, or plate, can begin to accumulate in the walls of their arteries, decreasing the amount of blood that can pass through them and putting you at greater risk of arteriosclerosis, heart attacks or coronary disease. Healthy levels of HDL help clean the cholesterol in the arteries until it has a chance to accumulate. To maintain healthy levels, need to maintain low levels of LDL and HDL levels upwards.

Be diagnosed with high cholesterol can be a scary thing and is something that cannot be ignored. The good news is that cholesterol can be controlled and many people use this as an opportunity to make positive life changes. Diagnosis of high cholesterol to measure their levels of cholesterol, your doctor will collect a blood sample that is sent to a lab for an analysis of lipid or a profile. This analysis will tell you what are your levels of total cholesterol, LDL (bad cholesterol), HDL (good cholesterol) cholesterol and triglycerides (a type of blood fat). What are the symptoms of high cholesterol? Like high blood pressure, is it often referred to as the silent killer, high cholesterol has no symptoms and is usually discovered only during a routine checkup. If your cholesterol levels are too high, you may notice small yellow nodules under the skin of her eyes, eyebrows or elbows.

Amount Cleve


To return the work their parents they found him lying on the living room sofa. I was staring at the ceiling. On the floor there was an empty bottle. It neither moved its position ignoring the presence of their parents. Amount Cleve in cholera. Is that his son would never show that regrettable aspect! He thought.

He didn’t see him drunk. No father you should like, I supposed, but he specifically reminded him that cursed night. Kelly meant that the encounter with Joey had been too strong for her son and that why he was in that situation. Almost all mothers tend to find an explanation for the behaviour of their children rather than blame them, when they are in a situation that does not like them. Approached him and asked him sweetly. Do-how you gone in the Park?-Alex laughed. Kelly looked at him amazed. -Than how has gone me, mama? – and he exclaimed sarcastically – Fantastico.

Really fantastic. There is no other word that explains it more accurately. They won’t believe what I tell them. Better sit beside mine-. When Alex explained to them what had investigated Pete, his parents were thrilled. They could not understand because his son was in such a State of desolation. It could finally return to England without fear. But – what would my child? – said to herself, Cleve. -Rather than be celebrating is in such a State of despair. It seems as if you had received the worst news of the world-. When asked, Alex returned to release a laugh. It was a laugh mixture of anger, sarcasm, sadness and despair. -So I don’t know what happens to me? Not even you can assume what happens to me?– No-replied Cleve. I can not-. – But it is that not you realize dad that I lost my son, my life, my love of adolescent, by NADA-.