25 OF AUGUST: DAY OF LANGUAGE GUARANI GUARANI E" ALTAR To read original (to click) in: guarani-e-ra THE CASTILIAN REDUCED BY THE GUARANI By David Galeano Olivera 1. Introduction Nobody doubt that the Native Natives or Guarani were conquered and reduced of thousand forms. Indeed, in greater number, they were denigrated, marginalized, discriminated, put under, vejados, enslaved, tortured, assassinated and, in many cases, annihilated ethnically of the Earth face. The empire used all the means available to its reach, in this assignment. Who tries to diminish, to reduce, to weaken or to not know the barbarisms committed against the natives, she will not make but demonstrate to his great hypocrisy or nonsense. The conquest and reduction were materialized through the Missions, to where the native ones were lead – by violent means.

Without exaggerating, the Missions Jesuits were for the natives which the concentration camps were for the Jews. In the process of the reduction million natives died in America; all fell in defense of their freedom, its identity and its dignity. They who – until the arrival of the conqueror they stood out by his sylvan life; from the reduction – by first time they had to construct stone constructions. Then, they were forced to become to the Christianity. All the first stage of that time, the conquerors tried the colonization by means of the use of their language: the Castilian.

Nevertheless, the indigenous resistance became strong and determined, to the point to refuse to learn the Castilian. This fact, unpublished in the conquest of America, forced the conquerors to be reduced and to be put under they themselves, to the knowledge and use of the millenarian and harmonious Guarani Language. Thence it begins and one extends until today, the incredible historical phenomenon by which the Castilian is reduced by the Guarani.

Night Genoveva


This study &#039 has as objective to analyze stories; ' Causasecreta' ' ' ' Night of Almirante' ' of Axe of Assis, in a perspective of literary textonarrativo and, searching to explore presented literary leiturasinterpretativas the semantic aspects and during the narratives. Objective, to explore the relation that exist between the cruelty, gift in primeiroconto, and the irony and sarcasm that appear of subtle form in as the story queacima was cited. More specifically, in the story ' ' Night of Almirante' ' , osaspectos directed toward the personages, the inherent indications to the narrative, onarrador and the metalanguage, also will be studied. Being the irony the temticaprincipal of the story, will be aspect constantly analyzed in diferentesperspectivas. In ' ' The cause secreta' ' , the thematic one of the cruelty will be boarded emvertentes and differentiated looks. In both the stories, Axe presents traosda nature human being that if disclose in the behaviors of the personages and seusperfis. Word-key: Irony; Sarcasm; Semantic aspects. History counts on a called sailor Deolindo a young that called Genoveva and for it queconheceu if it got passionate madly.

Before it left for its trips, the two had made an oath of amoreterno, made it to it with sufficient empolgao, it nor in such a way, but also it swore. The time passed and Deolindo if its promise kept fidiciary office, knew other girls in the ports where it stopped, but it was not become involved with nenhumadelas, in its mind and in its heart it liveed only one woman: Genoveva. Suaamada, on the other hand was left to lead for a new love and if 1 got passionate for umjovem pedlar called Jose Diogo. When the sailor returns the Bragana, for its ' ' noitede almirante' ' , night this where suasmulheres or namoradas the sailors reencontravam, is knowing of what it happens through the old Incia, one lady who liveed with Genoveva.

Prints On Canvas


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Acoustic insulation to avoid neighbors making too much noise all suffered them ever and always presents us with the dilemma of how to live with them. Here are some ideas to avoid having to move us. After a day of moving and arrangements, I am preparing to enjoy the first NAP in my new House. In the moment where I can fall asleep, galloping of two shoots of neighbouring above begin to drill my hatreds. I am preparing to wait until you get tired of running, but this never happens. The scene is repeated day after day, at unusual times, and the tranquility of living only dilute every morning. This scene is repeated in different ways every day. A busiest street of expectations, a neighbour musician, cardboard walls.

It can happen to anyone. So, here you have some ideas or solutions to return to recover the peace of your own home. Article 6 of the horizontal property law 13.512 noises determines that the owners or occupants of a Department are prohibited disturb with noise, or any other way, the tranquility of residents. Although this measure is highly subjective, you can always resort to a third party who participates as an arbitrator between the parties. Considered hours of rest, where no can disturb neighbors are: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 10 pm and on weekends in the afternoon.

If you undertake a work at home, should take into account that during the hour of NAP should rest two or three hours. Administrative measures before entering expenses, ideally you try to solve the differences with neighbors in a civilized way. We can approach to talk and comment on our little problem to the noisy neighbor. In case of not receiving a good acceptance, we can resort to the administrator of the building (in case that we live in one).



Am not going to sell the idea that working from home is the eighth wonder, although I would certainly like to spend more time at home, in my situation simply cannot could work long time because I would have my child above mine and would rather put me to play with him rather than continue working; However, Yes is preferable to being at home and work less time than the hours that you have to be in the Office and is a great advantage to have your family close. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to work from home, one of the most important things you should keep in mind is that you should make you recognized in your area so that customers seek you and they accommodate your schedules, prices and how to work and not you to them. There is a saying that says get fame and tirate to bed, which is to say that once people you recognize something, not enough more so that you always see in the same way, which can be applied for better or for worse; Obviously in this case we speak of good fame as an expert or specialist in a particular niche. If you are recognized in a niche specific, many people will search for you and you can offer prices more suitable and your service in the manner that you do more feasible to provide it. So my advice is that if you’re going to work from home, get your fame.