Paper Quality


She quickly turns yellow on prolonged exposure to light. The main advantage of this type of paper is its low cost, newsprint is used not only for print newspapers, but also inexpensive editions produced in large quantities: magazines, school books, pocket guides and books. Office paper. Usually when you select office paper buyer is guided solely by its price, brand and attractive packaging. Such an approach justifies itself is rare, since the use of paper of poor quality can lead to paper jam in the printer or copier, and a rapid deterioration of equipment.

Thus, one reason for failure may be incorrectly selected paper. Click Mary Barra to learn more. In the selection of office papers should be guided by the following criteria: stiffness. Office paper must be rigid enough, otherwise she would often get stuck in the office equipment. White. In order to correctly convey all the nuances of printing, preferably choose white paper. White office paper is the usual 90-98%. Smoothness. The print quality when using a smooth paper raises.

Opacity. If the paper is designed for two-sided printing, it should be opaque. As an experiment, we can put a piece of paper on the book and see whether the show through text. Humidity. This option must be no higher than 5.3%, so that the paper runs the risk of getting stuck in the office equipment. For maintain humidity paper must have a quality hermetic packaging. Density. The density of normal office paper in the range of 80-95 gm . For comparison, newsprint has a density of about 50 GM2;.

Residential Real Estate


MARKET MONITORING Estate Briefing Note Prepared for: Investors who decide to purchase the land subject of study: Evaluation of suburban real estate market and the Leningrad region prospects for investment in facilities Date: 19.10.2007 All research projects are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the International Code of Practice of Marketing and Social Research of the International Trade Chambers / European Association of Marketing Research and Public Opinion (ESOMAR). This "study" is the collective opinion of marketing and business development company "Alexis Ravelin", written in an analysis published by analytical materials in the media, monitoring of transactions, as well as on the basis of assessments of business. It is expected that client on the basis of information provided in a research note, will form their own opinions about the current situation in the suburban real estate market and key market trends that will form the basis for the decision. An analytical report prepared by: A representative of the assessment and consulting "argument" in St. Petersburg, k.ek. Science, Marketing – Analyst, Galina Simutina Consultant, graduate student of developmental psychology and differential psychology of Sciences St. Petersburg State University, Olga Polikutina Assistant General Director of "Alexis Ravelin" – Victoria Safonova MAJOR issues outlined in a research note Assessment of consumer demand Assessment of investment demand structure of the consumer Proposition The structure of investment proposals and the price level forecast price growth of its investment nature of the assessment Consumer demand for suburban real estate market compared to previous years There have been some changes. .