Another Form

The thought of Good in this topic demonstrates the accepted cultural concept in addition until then, of a culture uniform, without contours. As example the common sense can be mentioned that uses the word culture of maken a mistake form ' ' that culture is less avanada' '. What it sends in them of certain forms what Leonardo Boff mentions on ' ' all point of view is the sight of the point … the head thinks from where the feet step on. To understand, olha.&#039 is essential to know the social place of who; ' (BOFF, 1997, p.9) Another author cited in the text base is Alfredo Bosi who sends in them to another form to define the culture from the linguistics essentially, opening a fan of possibilities and dimensions since the total direction can be understood of different forms, on to daily and the relations undertaken in the same. following reflections, of freedom, on who we are and what we are, the real and ideal world, the magical world, the abstract of the easinesses, the dreams and utopias, madness, ' ' ter' ' they are on essentially to the condition social human being and that we live deeply. If to analyze for the social direction and politician, will be enclosing the system which unconditionally we are tied and atrelados of form that we cannot freeing in them. How much to the ideal and real world it is common to mention an ideal world and not to tell the Real, an ephemeral attempt of burlar the daily problems. The magical world is a form to understand or better to understand what it runs away ours it analyzes; to dream in the cost nothing is not? Of ' ' ter' ' social valuation, that is, to search the balance between ' ' ter' ' in detriment of ' ' ser' ' , common in the society.