German Photographic Society


Davydov. July 2, 1857 went 1-st edition of the newspaper 'Yenisei Provincial Gazette. " May 25, 1861 – in Krasnoyarsk Yenisei established diocese. In 1861 was the first shipping company in Krasnoyarsk. In 1888, the Yenisei walked six ships, three of them were Gadalova. GMCs opinions are not widely known. November 18, 1863 started the first telegraph station. Mary Barra has many thoughts on the issue.

September 1865 – opened the first photo studio, which belonged to the Prussian subjects from Hanover, an honorary member of the German Photographic Society gh Keppel. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from john k castle. 1 July 1868 opens Krasnoyarsk provincial men's gymnasium. 1868 – Savenkov creates a chess club. 1869, August 21 in Krasnoyarsk was founded by a woman's college of the second class, then converted into Krasnojarsk provincial women's gymnasium. In 1870, the women's college was established Krasnoyarsk female progymnasium, conversion in 1878 in the gymnasium. Since 1887, he was added additional eighth grade, which gave the right to graduate from his place to hold teachers and home tutor. November 4, 1873 – opened tc. February 27, 1874 – by the decision of the merchants and burghers of Krasnoyarsk was founded Sinelnikovskoye charity.

June 18, 1874 – opened a two-classroom school of trades them. tn . 1877 – to Krasnoyarsk moved Gennady Yudin – famous philanthropist, bibliophile, the owner of a unique library. April 17-18, 1881 – a huge fire destroyed much of the city buildings. 1883 first power light house and a shop merchant Gadalova. October 28, 1883 in Krasnoyarsk formed a committee to assist needy persons. February 1, 1884 – the first issue of 'Yenisei Diocesan Gazette' November 14, 1884 – begins his education of the Company's provision for the primary education.

Make Money Online


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The Site


If your site has an online store such as price lists submitted only in the format *. xls file, this is from my point of view of reason to believe a store at least nesereznym and undignified. Click john k castle to learn more. Coordinates. It is obligatory on the site an online store should be given any 'off-line' coordinates, such as phone numbers, better city, better yet e-mail address. Can communicate through e-mail, icq, and a feedback form on this site are not even discussed – should be 'default'.

Order form and payment. To order the goods on Online e-shop should be a special order form, which often precedes the registration of the user with an indication of their origin and identity. In spite of some difficulty may be happening with narrow-minded point of view, this approach believe the only right decision in ordering online trading. Conversely, it is not welcome to shop to make orders in the style of 'contact us' or' knock in Asya '. As for the payment of the order: there are plenty of ways to pay, though "bottled thoughts on the tree" in Ukrainian reality makes no sense. Internet payments are not particularly popular among both Internet users and at its own stores, so the most common form of payment is cash payment for the courier delivery of goods or money order to receipt (invoice) sent to you in your online store for confirmation order. Delivery. How praavilo, online shopping is carried out free delivery within the city and paid to other regions.

State College


The pupil as producing of knowledge comes to eliminate the practical one of memorization that as much time this impregnated in education and that becomes geography one disciplines simplria and enfadonha. (LACOSTE. Read additional details here: Charles Schwab. Yves, 2003). 5.3 The paper of the school in Socioconstrutivista education. You may want to visit john k castle to increase your knowledge. The school comes to be an agent of base in the implementation of the socioconstrutivista learning, considering a critical education and of reflexiva action in all its entorno. this proposal can initially be introduced in the PPP (Project pedagogical politician) of the school. When planning and fiscalizing action of the learning the school comes to infer that type of education is being carried through.

The school is a place of meeting of cultures, to know, to know scientific and to know daily, despite its work has as reference to know basic them scientific. The school deals with cultures, either in the interior of the classroom, either in the too much pertaining to school spaces (CAVALCANTE, 2002 p, 33). In the present time schools with some practical resqucios of socioconstrutivista, but of hibridizada form exist, that in its majority meets in private education. Public education in a general way is adept in its practical majority of one traditional one, stimulating the memorization and the reproduction of the concepts. 6. PROCEDURES METODOLGICOS Iniciamos the period of training in the State College Beach of the Siqueira, with the groups of 1 and 3 year of average education in the E.J.A modality., and for one better development of the research, we concentrate the efforts in the one of 3 year of education medium. Following the objectives of our work, we observe some professors who reproduced the notion sustainable development, of the didactic book and with simplistas boardings of the sense-common one, they affirmed the ideology that petitions the speech, and we start in them to question the way where the pupils approached the term, Sustainable Development.

Real Estate Agencies


Next, you declare that, if suddenly will not work on flat any reason, within 5-10 days, they will, at your request, provide information about new versions. Then you come winged at the venue, and there is no one in sight. The fact that the 'host' apartments sitting in a nearby office. The purpose of this agency to get money from you, and because agency information, no responsibility or liability for your settlement, it is not. The information you provide? Yes. Hence, contractual obligations have been fulfilled and the money obtained honestly.

Then you call, ask to visit the other options, and you have them. You will be given a printout with dozens of addresses and contacts. But there will not be able to get through, and if they succeed, you will find that on the other end no one rents or has long since passed. At the same time, in general, and all over. Suing them is useless. All under the contract, no deception. The information you provide, and that it is empty, then for an agency is not responsible.

They are not obliged to provide accurate and timely information. Real Estate Agencies. Here they work in most its integrity. If you understand what your needs and opportunities are real, then you are guaranteed a settlement in the next few days. And you will make payments only after the settlement, the signing of the lease and get keys. Only here the price will be different. Typically, such a commission estate agent is 100% of the monthly rent.



Throughout centuries XII and XIII during the time of the Crossed ones – the ceramics ships reached Aco from the regions of the Mediterranean, Levante, Europe, Africa of the North, and until China reveals the new investigation to us, lead in the University of Haifa that examined the commerce of ceramics ships. This investigation, lead by the Dra. Edna Stern under the direction of university professor Michal Artzy and the Dr. Adrian Boasz, examined the ceramics found during excavations lead by the Authorities of Antiques of Israel in Aco during the period of the Cruzados and the ceramic found in shipwrecks around the Coasts of the Mediterranean. According to the Dra.

Stern, during those centuries, Aco besides being the front door for Earth Christian pilgrims of Israel, was one of the commercial ports more assets in the Latin East that had commercial bonds with Europe, the Islamic world and the Byzantine Empire. The study found that the majority of the ceramics articles that were mattered to Aco or Acre as usually it is called to this city it included variable utensils, glass sets of dishes, predominantly containers and plates. 44,5% of the imports arrived from the Mediterranean: Cyprus, Greece and Smaller Asia. There were also strong commercial bows with the neighbors of Syria and Lebanon. From a 29,3% of the imports arrived there. Of the regions of the western Mediterranean like France, Catalonia and Tunisia, arrived a 3,3% of ceramics boats and from China 0,2% of utensils of concerned ceramics arrived. According to the Dra. Stern, in contrast to the notion that the ceramics articles were concerned to Acre and surrounding ports like luxury articles, the conclusions of their study revealed the opposite exactly. ” The ceramics utensils that were brought to Acre, and other sites of the Mediterranean Sea, did not arrive due to their high value, would seem that they were mattered by shipping companies like secondary articles like ” rellenos” in order to place more within articles expensive that was transported, ” it concluded.

Park Eagle


Supporting pre-or post-treatment of the Spa team can be booked in addition. But not only the high quality of applications, the special architecture of the pavilions also impressed: from the fully glazed swimming pool hall and hot tubs in the Interior and exterior of looking directly into the Park. Also, Sun terrace and daily bar service, be particularly appreciated by visitors to the Spa. Relating to bright sauna it is also best to relax. Ensure the showers, the Roman steam bath, saunas, including an Earth and fire sauna, as well as extras such as a Kneipp foot bath and relaxation lounge. The spa facilities with a hair salon and a fitness room equipped with the latest devices is perfectly complemented.

Culinary worlds if the Canada-born chef Simon Bragg Coulthard offers Black Forest cuisine, international creations or vital menu varied dishes. In combining the know-how acquired in his home country for the preparation of fine barbecue and seafood dishes with his many years of experience in the European top gastronomy. His kitchen team, with which he brings out a cookbook once in a year, include top professionals such as the confectioner Tatjana Baumgarten. She is responsible for the sweet delights in the hotel’s Viennese coffee house Cafe Diva. Here, produced chocolates, cakes and cake are served in the House for hotel guests as well as walkers in the place. The Eagle Lake and the hills of the picturesque Breisgau are a backdrop as painted behind the Glass Pavilion with original Art Nouveau features. In the two restaurants under the roof of the historic Schwarzwald House (built in 1639) cannot be also only pamper hotel guests the unique atmosphere and excellent cuisine for you coming from throughout the region: in the rustic Adler-Wirtshus, which is open throughout the day, simpler dishes are on the menu. The complete facilities of plain wood, the colorful tiled stove and the historic selling give typical black forest coziness.

“Marie Antoinette with its low ceilings and the rustic room’s elegant Eagle evening Restaurant Lounge”, however, delight with their unique antique furnishings. For events the Red Salon will give most busy woven fabric wall covering, floor-length, heavy curtains and antiques in the Baroque style the room a pompous atmosphere. The Outlook in the lovely landscape represents a fascinating contrast of nature. Also overlooking a lush green or on a snowy Wonderland in the winter guests start the morning at the breakfast Pavilion. Alone one night in the Park Hotel is worth to enjoy the magnificent breakfast buffet here. The high space in playful Floral Belle epoch style will also gladly booked for events, particularly weddings. Leo-lounge-bar the African look makes the most modern part of the culinary world of adventure in the forest House, where several days of live music is played. Hotel address and reservation contact: Parkhotel Adler, Eagle square 3, 79856 hinterzarten, South Black Forest (close to Swiss border), Tel. +49(0)7652/127-0,, text: Catrin Kneuttinger on behalf of the Parkhotel Adler

Handy February


After all, today, men's holiday! Friend is quite possible to give a cool gift for Feb. 23. Every man in my heart – little child. Buy it darts, ice skating, the electric railway, or a funny accessory for the car. Bold and risky guys can give flight paragliding or descent from the mountain in a balloon "Zorb". And if you want to turn men's holiday in a show, request for another winning streak drummers and a performance by a military brass band. This neooytsnyi, but very interesting and funny gift for Feb. 23 for people with a sense of humor.

Grandfather as a gift on February 23, you can choose something cozy and warm. Soft plaid, sweater, scarf – at your disposal a variety of options. And do not Forget about the gifts that will remind him of his youth! Album with photographs of war, carefully pasted you drive with your favorite music or movies, the book's interesting past years will be a good gift for grandparents. You can give a real family and a diploma. And for lovers of antiques perfect collector's weapons. Gift for colleagues on February 23 should be solid and not too personal. Optimal, but the usual option – a purse, Handy card holder, or of leather. And if you do not want to give formal and heartless things, then as a gift for a course skiing.

In February, it will be most welcome! Can be done and the corporate gift on February 23 for her colleagues. Lesson paintball or other energetic and exciting sport unite your company, increase team spirit and raise everything. The main thing in gifts for men on February 23 – is that they give opportunity to feel like a real hero. In the Fatherland Defender's Day is – exactly what we need! If the gift becomes more clearly and simply, then, by the celebration is often also have problems. Always want to do something special, something that would distinguish this day from others. Try to change the rules of the celebration and offer some fresh ideas. For example, instead of trite to drink vodka for the home table, buy a ticket in advance a concert or play. Or go somewhere in nature. This day is sure to be remembered if it is significantly different from both of the other holidays, and the way they are conducting. If in your rules, by contrast, always cultural programs, then just try to organize a picnic, or gather your friends and go bowling or billiards, for example. That's innovations change our lives, enliven relationships, maintain a marriage and strengthen the friendship. It was a pleasant pastime remains in our memories, make new friends, makes new feelings and defines the meaning of life. Call, write, visit, meet with those who have not met. Congratulate the one who long been congratulated, and not assume that it must do so first.



The living room is mainly focused on an area reserved for rest and the meeting; a space for comfortable armchairs where we can meet with friends and family, or defuse us with any reading, break or simply to watch television. In this sense the most important thing is to offer a living room is a comfortable, functional, harmonious and especially cozy space. It is common to see it integrated directly into the dining area, adapting in each case to the dimensions of the House or of the Department. You may be but without being noticed too: using different dividing elements physically separating the space but without breaking the visual and audible continuity with other environment, an effective strategy for areas of reduced space. The living room is organized on the basis of one or several armchairs arranged from a low central table. Either a body, two or three, the chairs are very well if you add some other type of complementary seat: an antique chair, an armchair or a FAQ, for example.

The provision of wheelchairs and seats around the central table must not move away much of a U-shape or L, according to the space available and as the place itself is defined. The central table can be rectangular, square or round, depending on part of the space that leave the armchairs. Can also be formed by a set of small tables in different formats: a group of cubes, two parallel banks, three low tables in the form of small L, etc. Another interesting option is the use of other objects as an alternative to the table focus: a trunk, an armchair or a pallet of construction (wooden pallet used to for example packing bricks.) It is interesting and useful the use of complementary, distributed tables in such a way that can support a lamp, ornaments or other objects, for example: a glass, a book or an ashtray. This last is always convenient to distribute small tables next to the chairs so that all those who are seated by hand have a supporting surface. We can also incorporate easily a library, a shelf or some sort of modular, similar to those used in the dining room.

Today is very common, in addition, the presence in the living room of a television, audio equipment or a modern and expensive Home Theatre common to the whole family. If something like this happens, then you should be all ready to attend to the screen comfortably from all directions. In these cases the TV element must be who arrange the rest of the furniture.

House Waste


A glance through the door to the attic or in the basement into reveals a chaotic picture too often inform Braitmaier services from Tettnang. A wide variety of items piling up so high the arms reach and make impossible the further use of space. It is time for a thorough cleaning. The Tettnanger Braitmaier services professionals provide information about this project. A comprehensive clearing out should not be freezing cold, heavy rainfall, or searing heat. Necessary, physically strenuous work can be a relaxing and health-friendly with mild autumn and spring temperatures.

The causes of a clearing out influence over their history. Must House or apartment completely empty given to be, this is of course more complex and demanding, as a little storage room in the attic to create. The more material should be disposed of and the appropriate items are bulkier, the better must be planned ahead. Should a few Boxes from the House are borne, are mostly needed neither help nor great planning. It looks different, if are a mixture of several cubic meters to dispose of furniture, equipment, chemicals and other remnants of life.

Here the basics need to be created for an effective clearing out. Waste containers are to provide, the transport of bulky goods to prepare the stairwells and apartments and a matching appointment must of course also be found. Apparent garbage is not always worthless. Old furniture could represent antiques and an old stamp collection be unexpectedly valuable copper cable good prices on many meters. To find such sources of income, the clearing out well before its disposal should be thoroughly investigated and mapped. It is offered also for another reason: the waste disposal must be routed properly. The neat separation in locking, electronic and hazardous waste and waste paper and household waste requires time, but saves Trouble with the waste disposal company. Only when these preparations are completed, you can safely dare to waste disposal. Again, caution is advised, to not about expensive furnishings, and the like to damage the glass. Clearing out work are exhausting a professional support is therefore often necessary and advisable. The Tettnanger Braitmaier services professionals available for this purpose at any time gladly.