Chavez Country

The words of President Hugo Chavez, prepare for war, in the context of a war scenario that is assembled to the country on its Colombian border, have started a real patriotic decantation process. Away from argumentation opposition disrupts that is a smokescreen to conceal the eternal yearning for their dreams, this too, Chavez is fallen (Tin that sound since it came to power), is a new presidential hack on the awareness of country that has or should have a Venezuelan deal with the eventuality of an external aggressiondo, conscience? by the way? seriously injured in case the opposition mind, who does not seem to exist foreign threats by any side, but internal problems that have a direct impact on your liberal definition. That is, about its capitalist approach to conception of life, your money, your individualism rayante in selfishness, his petty private property, its interpreted Constitution his way, finally, your press, freedom and equality as historical factors of bourgeois definition, which leads her to smell like sulphur everything that involves changes to their detriment. Namely, about their bourgeois status. Recently Charles Schwab sought to clarify these questions. Because this is a bourgeois: wooed consciousness of sufficiency and autonomy over kingdoms (if we speak of their origin) and States, last situation that leads to the interpretation that cares a cumin pass on the right of others in order to safeguard his prebends (another thing is not the State: the confluence of the right of all). Neither more nor less, the Venezuelan political opposition, decidedly enemy of the process of social changes that rehearses in the country, which interprets goes against their traditional and individualizantes interests. Profile dinosaurico in the middle of a world that, finally, has begun to recognize that the wild forces of capitalism and neo-liberalism as a model of life have brought great misery to the world; but consciences which, however, does not transcend the fact selfish of immediate interest in particular. . Others who may share this opinion include Goop London, United Kingdom-uk.