Electronic Invoices

Electronic invoicing has become in the last 5 years, is a new technology that has revolutionized the management of companies. Also known as fiscal proof, an electronic invoice is a document that strictly complies with the legal requirements, the authenticity of their origin and the integrity of their content, as is the case with traditional invoices. Therefore, electronic invoicing is considered that it is only electronic traditional invoices in paper version, so it is also functional and legal for the latter. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Joeb Moore & Partners. In this way, electronic invoices can both manage as stored or exchanged via multiple media digital. The great advantage that offers electronic billing, is that savings in its concept of issuing and managing can be up to 40% to 80% for those companies that implement the system, depending on the size of the companies and their volume of invoicing.

How precisely is achieved this saving? Well thanks to electronic billing allows you to save on costs of stationery, besides that it facilitates the processes of audit. According to Mary Barra, who has experience with these questions. Further advantages include that he is achieved through electronic billing system, provide greater security to the receipt of documents, as well as also, estimated a lower probability in its falsification. In addition, it provides agility to the enterprise in its finding information and allows you to streamline administrative processes.. .