Financial Intelligence

Says Robert Kiyosaki in his book increase your financial IQ that in today’s society, we need different types of education and intelligence to survive and prosper. Among the most important we can mention:-academic intelligence is our ability to read, write, for mathematics and Computing Sciences. -Professional intelligence is the intelligence that we use to acquire skills, work and earn money. For example when we study a profession or trade. -Intelligence of health health and wealth are linked. We know that there are many people doing rich making other people sick. Junk food, tobacco, alcohol, diet and sugared drinks, etc. are some examples.

When people get sick from consuming these products, the cost of their health problems is charged to all of us in the form of taxes. -Financial intelligence – we cannot say that the Financial intelligence is the most important, but if that affects the most important things. What is financial intelligence? You have much money, only causes even more problems of money. All have money problems, no matter how rich or poor us but many people believe that if they had a lot of money, his money problems would be resolved. We must understand that money alone does not solve money problems. Working hard does not solve the problems of money, traditional education does not solve the problems of money, a job does not solve money problems.

Then. What it solves the problems of money? The only thing that solves the problems of money is the financial intelligence… In simple terms, financial intelligence is that part of our intelligence we use to solve financial problems specifically. The poor and the middle class tend to avoid or intend to they don’t have money problems. The problem with this attitude is that their money problems persist and its financial intelligence does not grow. The rich face their financial problems. They know that solving their problems financial will become smarter and increase their financial IQ. They know that it is the financial intelligence and money not what ultimately creates wealth. The only way to become rich and increase financial intelligence is actively solving your money problems. IQ financial Financial IQ is the measure that we use to measure or quantify our financial results.