Real Estate Agencies

Next, you declare that, if suddenly will not work on flat any reason, within 5-10 days, they will, at your request, provide information about new versions. Then you come winged at the venue, and there is no one in sight. The fact that the 'host' apartments sitting in a nearby office. The purpose of this agency to get money from you, and because agency information, no responsibility or liability for your settlement, it is not. The information you provide? Yes. Hence, contractual obligations have been fulfilled and the money obtained honestly.

Then you call, ask to visit the other options, and you have them. You will be given a printout with dozens of addresses and contacts. But there will not be able to get through, and if they succeed, you will find that on the other end no one rents or has long since passed. At the same time, in general, and all over. Suing them is useless. All under the contract, no deception. The information you provide, and that it is empty, then for an agency is not responsible.

They are not obliged to provide accurate and timely information. Real Estate Agencies. Here they work in most its integrity. If you understand what your needs and opportunities are real, then you are guaranteed a settlement in the next few days. And you will make payments only after the settlement, the signing of the lease and get keys. Only here the price will be different. Typically, such a commission estate agent is 100% of the monthly rent.