New Boris Flexer

The housing question was and remains for many people one of the most pressing. Buying an apartment today requires considerable resources and for the majority of citizens is a serious step that determines the way of life for many years to come. Therefore, the choice of housing should be unhurried and well thought out. To broaden your perception, visit U.S. Mint. Especially because of the various proposals are now much higher than in previous years. If you previously were mainly the same type panel of the box, it is now time, many new houses a variety of projects. Demand for square footage increasing from year to year. And the greatest activity, as experts note, is observed on the market of new buildings. Prospect acquisition of secondary residences attracts fewer people. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Goop.

And this is the explanation. First, the lifetime of Soviet built homes are not unlimited and many of them need major repairs. Apartments in these buildings is not as attractive as in modern homes, but they cost almost as much. By some estimates, at the end of 2007, the average for Russia price per square meter in new buildings and buildings of old construction was 39509.7 and 41880.3 rub. respectively. Secondly, the construction technology in recent years have stepped forward, a lot of modern materials.

Therefore, the new building is much more attractive, more comfortable and safer. Price of apartment depends on many factors. First of all, as the head of the Research Center miel – New Boris Flexer, from the prestigious district next door to highways, distance from downtown, etc.