Admit I don’t understand art as more minimum, I am referring to modern art, I do not understand that large sums of money are paid by foreign pictures. Didn’t understand never modern art always absurd as the cuisine found me that where there is no snack that taste but its name is long like the invoice to pay. It is sad to see how modern society where more strange things are better they are paid, if someone designed a Chair that you can not sit, sold with the label is design, which means or alerts with that aesthetics has prevailed rather than being something functional. Everything that is ugly and weird sold it as modernity and for-profit much more than if it were an element with utility. We live the era of design, forgetting the practicality of things, now we have specialized in various euphemisms and change the names to everything around us seeking more sound for them. Now everything is design this primacy, and the euphemisms have filled it all the policemen, not they are called police, but agents of security guards, forestry agents, or environmental technician, chefs, is called chefs.

The companies serve meals catering, are called to the hospices, shelters they are called. To everything that can be it puts a name in English, though to do so we have elements in Spanish, marketing, is called marketing, biographies, called them otherwise and so on things of name change to confuse most society. Modernity is to confuse the staff with names corny and matter which sound more musical, but are the same life. Just because a bunch of snobs has decided that the commercial sounds better in English, I to be contrary will continue to speak in Spanish and if necessary other a Professor of Colombian Spanish that has not yet given him by the modernity of wanting to use unnecessary anglicisms that make that little by little prey of modernity we dinamitemos the language. Original author and source of the article.