State College

The pupil as producing of knowledge comes to eliminate the practical one of memorization that as much time this impregnated in education and that becomes geography one disciplines simplria and enfadonha. (LACOSTE. Read additional details here: Charles Schwab. Yves, 2003). 5.3 The paper of the school in Socioconstrutivista education. You may want to visit john k castle to increase your knowledge. The school comes to be an agent of base in the implementation of the socioconstrutivista learning, considering a critical education and of reflexiva action in all its entorno. this proposal can initially be introduced in the PPP (Project pedagogical politician) of the school. When planning and fiscalizing action of the learning the school comes to infer that type of education is being carried through.

The school is a place of meeting of cultures, to know, to know scientific and to know daily, despite its work has as reference to know basic them scientific. The school deals with cultures, either in the interior of the classroom, either in the too much pertaining to school spaces (CAVALCANTE, 2002 p, 33). In the present time schools with some practical resqucios of socioconstrutivista, but of hibridizada form exist, that in its majority meets in private education. Public education in a general way is adept in its practical majority of one traditional one, stimulating the memorization and the reproduction of the concepts. 6. PROCEDURES METODOLGICOS Iniciamos the period of training in the State College Beach of the Siqueira, with the groups of 1 and 3 year of average education in the E.J.A modality., and for one better development of the research, we concentrate the efforts in the one of 3 year of education medium. Following the objectives of our work, we observe some professors who reproduced the notion sustainable development, of the didactic book and with simplistas boardings of the sense-common one, they affirmed the ideology that petitions the speech, and we start in them to question the way where the pupils approached the term, Sustainable Development.