Financial Issues


I perceived the quo is wonderful my wife, thanks to God was in time to save my marriage. to recoup the person who God separated for me. then we talk and really we understand in them, I do not go to say that never more we fight to put now we obtain to surpass each obstacle. seems that I married again. Really today we live in harmony and with happiness.

There six months after to reattach the relation my sister paid a meeting of wharf for us. I cannot count what it happens, but I can say that I came back woollen another man. In our meeting 100 couples had participated. I guarantee the vocs that was valid each cent invested for my sister. It is a wonderful ceremony.

If to decide to participate of one. Only plus an advice. First it goes with the open heart. as if will be able to go in one organized for some religious entity better still. I suggest the assembly of God of Bonsucesso, therefore he was who organized mine and I can speak that it was very good. But coming back to the subject. then analysis well before taking a measure that can be precipitated. The diplomacy tries the argument oldest of the humanity. What it can take the separation? Many things can take a couple the decision of the separation. Financial Estresse, problems, lack and etc. The main ones are these, estresse. Many people do not obtain to separate to other relations of the relation husband and woman and finish bringing pra privacy it couple problems that are of the work, with the head a friend a relative or the others a thousand things and culminate in unloading in the friend this rain of problems. Others bring a problem with fi

Visa Documentation


If you are planning to marry or already married, or are in a committed relationship with a citizen or permanent resident of Australia, you can get a visa spouse or partner for immigration to Australia. Australian citizen or a permanent resident will sponsor your visa. This means that your sponsor will need to submit a written certification with the agreement to support you financially during your first two years in Australia, including provision of things necessary for life. Applicants for immigration to the family will be assessed by Australian immigration authorities on an individual basis. Please visit the following pages for more more information: Visa groom / bride – if you're going to get married to a citizen or permanent resident of Australia, you can get a visa groom / bride for immigration to Australia. Visa spouse – if You are married or are married to the citizen or permanent resident of Australia or in a relationship of de facto (common law) at least 12 months, you can get a visa spouse for immigration to Australia interdependent partner visa – if You are in genuine interdependent relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident and wish to immigrate and remain permanently in Australia, you must obtain a visa interdependent partner. This category also includes same-sex couples. Also, there are some types of visas: Preserving family – This visa is for people who are the only family members left outside Australia, but small children. If you are married, your spouse also must not be relatives in your country or another country outside Australia.