Painful Trade


You could say that the skillet and grill of current households have become substitutes for the old altars of sacrifice, where honor and pleasing to God is inmolaban thousands of victims animals. Also kitchen table serves as a Bank for quartering where to remove the bowels to the bodies of animals previously killed at the hands of a butcher. What the origin of all this bloody behavior at all times was dictated by the priests, however did Jesus de Nazareth in this regard? What you should do to the smallest of my creatures, that I do to my. Under most conditions Jonathan Merkh would agree. (Matthew 25.40) More than 3000 years ago God calls and warns through his true prophets, for example through Moses gave us the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’. Through Isaiah said: (Isaiah 1: 11) The RAM that you quemais in Holocaust as sacrifice and your oxen grease’m sick.And through Jeremiah (Jeremiah 6: 20): your burnt offerings are not me pleased.

Your killings of sacrifice are not me pleasant. Us has really been hidden to all life, all being, carries within itself the breath of God and therefore is a part of the great unity of creation. Those who intentionally harms the smallest element of creation, is a person, an animal, a plant or mineral kingdoms, work against one of the smallest and therefore has done that to him, the Christ of God, who is omnipresent existence and therefore has part in everything as Corregente of creation. We look at a special form of animal neglect, hunting.The Hunter is someone who normally thinks it is equipped with feelings and understanding and also know the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’, is furnished with arms and lurks by fields and forests, the living space of the animals. He furtively breaks into home to deer, hares, foxes, wild boars and many other living beings to carry out their bloody trade.Their victims are beings that feel, which have a fine feeling and sensitive senses and that registered with fine nuances everything that happens to her around. They breathe the same breath that the man furtively approaching to assassinate them.

The behavior of animals is oriented to life in common. They live as man does not hinder, in a social structure that is based on the unit. The Hunter breaks in that unit. At their discretion choose and takes certain animals, pretends to be judge over life and death so unaware of its true origin and kills their closest relatives. As devious Raptor slips between the branches, choose places to place food to animals, arrived for the moment, delete with a deadly shot their fledgling confidence. As justification to kill for pleasure, it is argued that we must restore the balance of nature. But what currently says God, the eternally wise and creator of the universe in his word given through his Prophet and sent, Gabriele de Wurzburg: ‘I am balance in all infinity and also in the kingdoms of the nature of the Earth. I don’t need men’s weight apparently balanced, that they believe that they have to maintain the balance of nature. Life Universal Ana Saez Ramirez 45.271.