The General

The second reason: the seeking advice must know that talent and giftedness are subject to any stereotype. The reason for this is the specific in the complexity of personality, “I”, the different social environment in which the child lives and many other objective and subjective assumptions. -The General exists still in the individual, but it is broken through the “Prism of the subject”. Third reason: the acquisition of remarks, recommendations or even Losungsansatzenvon Steve Zopfenkopfweg or shooting star for your children of seeking advice can be dangerous. This advice in total ignorance of causality, i.e. the cause-effect relationship and spare to use any medical history of course to a much used term from the medicine. What is meant with beware of forums, can be an example as follows evidence with quotes: question: in 3 weeks the class teacher said that we probably have a talented son.

Her proposal was, it in advance to the 3rd grade. We are now at a loss, whether that is the right way. Our son does not want to and defends itself against it. What should we do? Answer: You can’t force children to their happiness. However they must all him that he himself captures just a very unpleasant mental disorder, which is but fixable. But only with his work. Question: I have tested a problem with my daughter, with IQ of 135. They feel underutilized and has terrible mood swings.

Crawls in her room, reads and plays on the PC. What should I do so that she don’t completely secretes? Answer: I can only say that the visit of a suitable boarding school would be a good solution. However, your child must also do. Question: We have problems with our talented son and his incompetent teacher. Did you ever take the school psychologists claim for your gifted child? Answer: The Schupsy has no power and brings the parents only on ideas.