Workplace Manager

Most common use of my development as follows: the businessman acquires a laptop with a screen of 15 inches and above (or has in store my old home computer and home buying a new feature-rich), barcode scanner and my workplace goods manager and starts in 2 hours teaching himself to work and train salespeople. The essence of the further work now in the next – the master himself at any convenient time in a convenient location on the same laptop does the parish new product and return it to the seller for selling. The owner uses a secure module of the Administrator to enter product and view reports, and the seller Seller module, where you can only sell. That's all Automation! Who buys my workplace Commodity – my workplace Sellers – as a bonus – for free! And all this on one laptop Where else is there Nowhere! Further there are all sorts of variations I'm going to meet virtually anyone, so have the following options work: On the basis of my workplace goods manager – lan in the store (a few jobs and so many goods manager jobs teller – how many divisions). As an example – Auto parts store (see the end of the movie from the menu Workplace cashier "at the site after my lyrical entry). Very good solution – Commodity sees the dynamics of sales per day – both for the entire store, and for any specific department in real time. I except such as have never seen myself usually all of it is visible or in the evening after the close of the change or the next morning I generally try to do something – something no one Another successful use my cashier's workplace – together with the configuration 1C Trade and Warehouse 7.7. .