Fusions in Brazil

Fusions in Brazil: The formula of the success? 19 Mayo2009 international the financial crisis continues aggravating the panorama of the Brazilian economy as much or more it is doing than it with the rest of the economies of the region. Exactly in yesterday, the minister of Property, Guido Mantega, recognized that the economic activity accumulated two trimesters with negative growth, consequently Brazil has entered technically in recession. The economic deterioration, entered Brazil by the door of the external sector mainly where the impact felt through the fall in the sales of the manufacturing sector bringing about a fort increase of leisure in a vicious circle that deepens the fall. But like I have commented to them in previous articles, the economy of Brazil is an economy that has come making well its duties with an economic policy and monetary it heals that it prioritized the objectives of growth of long term. It is for that reason that the Brazilian economy maintains in spite of situation, very good foundations to obtain a fast recovery as soon as calms the global context. The strength perceived on the part of the sector deprived about the Brazilian economy is causing that those companies that have the capacity to ahead continue taking their plans of investment without putting in risk their financial health make, it to manage to position itself strategically in views of the new world-wide economy that is approached once surpassed the crisis. It is that the fears of the short term are surpassed with amplitude with the possibilities of medium and long term that are abren to him as much to the Brazilian companies in the internal market (the one that anyway, will not have a simple recovery), like in the external market. Product of the interesting opportunities of businesses that the Brazilian companies perceive is that the same have been very active in the fulfillment of their plans of investment.