Thailand Markets

The volatility is one of the characteristic features of the emerging markets of the countries developing, becoming increasingly frequent financial and social crises that tend to be deep and marked in those markets. The recovery of every crisis for developing countries is not simple, but in practice they indicate their speedy recovery, sometimes more unexpected from what was forecast in the economic reports. One of the weaknesses of emerging markets sectors is still weak and complex monetary policy able to finish with a time of boom and experience a deep and unexpected fall. One of the effective measures for the purpose of avoiding the crisis in emerging markets are capital controls, being one of the cases it is Thailand experienced a rapid recovery with smaller falls in the employment, real wages and stock markets. Regarding current prospects, the global crisis hits to all world markets, negative effect in developing countries, still disappointing forecasts in the long term, that is, the year 2009 will be difficult and critical to all the world’s economies, being one of the eloquent signs unemployment in the world. For his part Carlos Nahuel Orddone points out us, that the term emerging markets, in principle, seems to be passive and reflect the opportunity that the international financial capital has to invest in developing countries, since they did not have capacity and resources available. Emerging markets was the new category or set of countries selling their debt and the different types of bonds in financial markets provided that they implement reforms demanded by investors.

None of the emerging countries can be declared safe from the potential consequences of instability that characterizes the international flows of financial capital and its effects on the weakest links in the system. These countries will have to direct their policies to reduce their vulnerability to financial crises. To the extent that one after the other, emerging markets opt for finding solutions unilaterally, not be achieved a change in the international financial system.