United States

It provided me a few books about Baba me moving in his life and teachings. Books that I read with much enthusiasm and impressed me the teachings of Baba, the content of their messages and started entering me in your Mission, follow their guidelines that help me in my spiritual growth pro, especially because it was an Avatar of present time. With great faith in its teachings, in difficult moments that I thrive in that place, I asked Baba help and experienced a phenomenon that impressed me, as it was in one of your photos that you place in the House where was, appeared in its Vibuti base, in addition to a very particular, own of the centers of Baba incense smellWhen they catch on. I could leave my problems avante and this made me identify myself much with Baba. I went to the United States and also tackled other tests where I came out ahead with invocations to Baba and others made that on another occasion we narrate, as having received its image and the continuous odor and impregnation of incense in my room and other visiting.

I started with groups known to preach on the work of Baba, his lessons and gave some lectures. However, my strongest experiences I lived them in Venezuela, country in where pregone much about the work of Baba, attended its centers both in Caracas and in other States, however, I gave some conferences about it, given that this most prepared thereon, and in doing so, disclose on their work, motivated as I later knew some people who were identified with Baba until the end go to his hometown Puttaparthi several times as in the case of Alfredo Zurita and above all, Mrs. Capaya Rodriguez, who have written a book each about their experiences with Baba, books that are very well known and read.