Ron Hubbard


And if you still know how to handle them, then you are almost in safety, and if you want, you can save yourself from their presence, because their souls – slag, so they are not very good for your company. Have you thought about the people around you? Why is talking to someone in the "summer", happy and You want to live, and talking to someone else you feel as though you poured mud from head to toe? Why is this happening and how to distinguish one from another? It is very important to know the answers to these questions if you do not want to err on the including who to trust and who is not worth it. Often the error with confidence is because of two ideas. On the one hand, many believe that people basically can not change. On the other, hoping that someone improve. And she and another idea is correct, but need to know what belongs to whom.

L. Ron Hubbard (author of a unique technology solution to the problem of "human factor") in their studies in the mid-60's found that there is a completely separate type of personality, which is almost 180 degrees different from everybody else. He discovered that there are people who absolutely fully configured to ensure that yield maximum destruction of any creative work that they see around them. Normal person is difficult to understand what happens in the mind of such people as a normal person wants to improve, develop, and he rejoices when he sees the development of creative activity.

The City


The first is an assessment of the situation in general, need to collect the maximum information. For example: the status object location / presence of such objects in the environment / specific (political and economic), for example, city or area / quantity and quality (type) of the population / availability of basic communications (railway and road) near facility in the city, and traffic on them / who has real power and money in the city, and how it (authority) is delegated, and soberly assess its owner, the power and possibilities in the city / investment activity and its characteristics (Local or otherwise, a focus on raw materials, demand or labor) / how are you doing with the outflow-inflow of labor in the city, region / left or is leaving young people (20-30 years) / What are the prospects of urban development in the region over the next 3-5 (You can more) years, so what are the needs and demands of the population /'s good to know what is more, import or export of funds into the city, region, and so on. You have to understand the direction of thought. The average is around 30 – 40 points. And, God knows what More and more authentic the better! Yes, and it should sit down and write on paper, but not "to figure in mind! First, write the questions, then find the answers and write. Until such time as there is no more questions on this subject in general, and for each will give a precise answer.