The Japanese

This is not just a beautiful flower beds, and philosophical approach to unusual attitudes. Around the old plants, streams, stones, or one large stone. Feeling of mystery and a hint of inner beauty in everything. Japanese gardens direct our thoughts to the beauty of everyday things. When you reach the beautiful cherry blossoms (small cherries) can disrupt the flowers and neatly folded in an embroidered ancient hieroglyphics keysik, bring your favorite.

Characters – one of the ancient art of Japanese. Unusual for See European characters. One character can carry information of an entire page of the book. Wonderful gift – a panel with written characters. What will be written, you choose, depending on who will give. It can be beautiful poems about love and good wishes, anything, and the meaning will only know you, and to whom it will pass.

Make friends not forgotten about you, give them real Japanese tea service. Its components – iron chaynichek bowls with pattern of life of the Japanese, or display the local legend known love story. Possible for such a gift to add a set of delicious teas with a description of their properties, even in Japanese. During the tea, the Japanese are trying to talk about poetry, voice wise speech. Purchase of books by Murakami or the same Japanese fairy tales, of course with the transfer, will bring you unforgettable evenings in the future of communication. For "real men" can be purchased gift "stronger". That is set for the sake and sake, the drink itself, more rice wine, which has a mild taste and unusual odor. To "set the gentleman" had been completed, to buy a couple sets of sushi in Japan are a penny, and in Your company will be a real festival of the new taste. For the soul and the interior set eyes on traditional Japanese fan. They perfectly decorate any home or room, especially if you can find handmade. The Japanese considered an important rule that they do, invest in your product of good energy. Laurent Ramsey. So that the fan can serve as your home "kind talisman" was removed the negative energy. For those who have a hobby collecting antique weapons, samurai sword, katana or will be a real lot in the collection. The fame of the Japanese bladed weapons known around the world. And though the gift is not cheap, but it is worthy of admiration. Melee weapons has always been and is an excellent reward and symbolizes the courage, valor and honor. This gift – a true friend! Japan is a country of its size is very small and any Japanese person uses every square meter with advantage. Therefore, visiting only one city in Japan, such as Tokyo, you will take with a lot of impressions and bags of interesting things!


Jackets, coats, winter clothing, belts Oh, well, just about everything your heart desires! And the prices – sight for sore eyes! Will be a great offense if you do not grab a pair of fine leather items:) You should pay attention to the many clothing stores. Fashionistas will appreciate the wide range of cotton fabrics and products from them. You can pick up a whole wardrobe for a fairly reasonable cost. And now look at the jewelry shop. You say that low prices due to low quality goods. No, it does not, you should look better! In Israel you can buy beautiful jewelry made of white gold and silver.

Heart starts pounding most of the such abundance and attractive prices:) Also, Israel is considered the best place to buy jewelry, such as diamonds. If you want to give a luxurious gift, a diamond necklace or ring, decorated with loose gems – the perfect choice. Men blossom with pleasure, looking in your local wine shop. There you will find a rich assortment of various liquors, fine wines and cognacs. Israel is particularly famous for its wine, even in ancient times, the Israelis have been supplying their "divine nectar" in Europe. We should also pay attention to the oriental carpets. Wonderful memories of the trip and will be an excellent acquisition a small pad, which for many years will remind you about Israel.

In Jerusalem and other ancient cities often can find small antique shops. They will offer you a local merchant to buy the lamp Aladdin "or ancient amulets. Better than digging in the proposed treasures that can be unexpectedly stumble on ancient artifacts that have a long history and belonged to famous people. Well, of course, it is impossible not say a few words about the contemporary ceramics manufactured by local craftsmen. Clay vases, jugs, bowls, ladle. A huge procession of clay products will accompany you at every step. On the infinite mall you waiting for a huge selection of handmade products created from olive wood, mother of pearl, leather and straw. And if you want to complement your look local color, make sure you take a glass ornaments and exotic clothes! On arrival home, you will boldly show off these unusual (for home), bling, showing off their numerous relatives and friends. By bringing together their thoughts and impressions, sorting out with gifts and souvenirs for relatives and friends, you are likely to conclude: "Israel – a wonderful country!" Here you can find two completely different things combined together. In this country, interwoven history of many nations that are closely interact with different religions and cultures, giving it a unique and wonderful character, striking at first sight.

Orava Castle In Slovakia

Orava Castle – a magnificent building in the Romanesque style. It stands on a cliff 112 meters high on the river Orava – the purest in Slovakia. Generally, in Slovakia, all the rivers are clean, and this is famous for. Castle is old, he was more than 700 years, built in three large amount of time and is, in general, three levels. The most ancient – the top. Further details can be found at U.S. Mint, an internet resource. While there, it's hard to imagine that once people lived here – any strong leader with his retinue of soldiers and families. Structure consists of 2 floors, huge and long-like rooms for tournaments. The entire perimeter of the window – I think, for the defense and light, and small indentations in the thick walls, similar to the alcoves.

Impression is very severe, as well as views of the valley with a swinger. The second and third levels of the castle was built much later, and it shows. Check with Joeb Moore & Partners to learn more. They are not as severe, everywhere ladders and lift. This can be called a residential palace, while everywhere there turrets for defense, with guns and ammunition depots. Throughout cozy courtyards, although it is evident that created in response to defense.

Over the main gate there is a low arched passage, which leads to the castle, and it is easy to imagine what it was made. This fortress was a very important strategic importance, as was on the trade route, and perhaps many would like to get it profitable and strong lock in those troubled and dark times. Therefore, a combination of defensive elements of architecture, and an attempt to later (Again, the family Turzo) soften Renaissance completion and transitions, balconies and terraces, produces a very rich experience. Inside the castle is also very interesting and filled with antiques and ancient weapons which can be touched, yet no one sees. There is a stone bench in a hall of arms, which runs a popular belief that a woman who accidentally sit down on it a rest, conception happens before the end of this year. Many windows are in alcoves equipped with benches and chairs, as if designed specifically for women awaiting their husbands from the hike – the view from these exciting and sad, and sometimes in the halls of the musicians play, which strengthens impression. Hit the bed – wide and short – I do not know how tall the people they slept. This castle was filmed many movies in particular, the fairy tale 'King drozdovik', which was very popular in the Soviet box office. Also in the castle often spend costumed festivals and night vampires. Cost of tour 1,5 hours – 2,5 euros (5 euros per season). Go to the castle from Dolny – Kubin (11 miles) several times a day a bus.

Istanbul – Perfect City

Istanbul – perfect city for those who everywhere and always likes something to buy. Kapali bazaar (or Grand Bazaar) in Beyazit Caddesi – is a maze of 65 series and 4000 shops, selling everything: from textiles to jewelry and antiques. Spice Bazaar, where they sell spices, dried fruits, oils and all sorts of sweets, is behind the mosque, Yeni, near Eminonu. Balik and spice souks are open from 9 am to 17 pm and on Sundays and holidays are not working. Very interesting secondhand store Cadircilar Caddesi, which sells not only antiques but also new books, as well as many different interesting . Leather goods of our compatriots often bought in shops Laleli and . Although the skin can be beneficial to buy and on the Grand Bazaar, and on the street Taksim (the most famous shopping street in Istanbul, it is worth to visit).

Istanbul – a city shopping. Surely you do not return from it without your luggage is not put on weight. And you can find there almost anything. Nevertheless, it is hardly here to buy the clothes of famous European firms, a Swiss watch or an expensive perfume. Prices are not lower than in Moscow, and a choice – not more. Likewise, with cheap consumer goods. In retailing the same and the same ugly quality you can not buy more expensive in the domestic markets. Traditionally, in Istanbul, decided to buy antiques, carpets, leather, ceramics and all sorts of coinage, spices.

And, of course, small souvenirs. And it can be done in a thousand places. You certainly do not pass the Grand Covered Bazaar, the miracle of the eastern trade with its vaulted kilometer streets and numerous shops and benches.

Foreign Trade

Cuba without Russian Russian withdrew from Cuba in the early nineties. Do not all, of course. Only a few hundred embassy, three-four journalists da Russian wives Cubans, who no one ever did. In the 70's and 80's lived here tens of thousands of our specialists: geologists, builders, military Cuba's 'school' were many of our policies: Anatoly Sobchak, Yegor Gaidar, Alexander Kapto. Ha Cuba tested in the scouts. Even today in Havana, knowledgeable old-timers may show you the house where the kgb or the cia recruited agents. Ho, alas, forever sunk into oblivion days when Leonid , standing before an enthusiastic crowd of a million, from the podium at Havana's Revolution Square could talk about the closeness of the two nations – the Soviet and Cuban. Proximity to left, but Russian in Cuba still love.

Though for what? If before 90% of the foreign trade of the island was connected with the Soviet Union, today only the bank Menatep-Impex 'do business with Cubans – buy sugar. On the roads of Liberty Island has run 'Lada', 'Muscovites' and the 'Volga', but spare parts bought in Panama, and to replace our cars are gradually 'Nissan', 'Reno' and 'Mercedes'. Cuba fell in love with Western Company – Spanish, German, Canadian, Italian, English, Mexican. They are already investing in the Cuban oil, nickel, and above all – in tourism. Ha Cuban coast, like mushrooms, grow four-and five-star Hotels. These are companies with mixed capital, such as our sp. Participate in their company with a worldwide reputation: Spanish Horizontes and Guitart, German lti.