Frim Productivity

Overseeing, monitoring and increase the productivity of the firm if you or your boss goes to training facial expressions of intimidation of subordinates, so you believe that this is a rational way to stimulate employees in the name of supporting and increasing productivity, it means that you have no loyalty programs. Feel the spirit of the team, perhaps it is the only item that involves a meeting, but without a tie at the weekend, gather around the table with the liver and tea and boast results, discuss problems, perform activities, discuss future plans for the next week, cheer each other Skurit pack of cigarettes, I will refrain from this point All this is aimed at saving time, money and energy costs (even a trip to the office, very tiring and takes away before coming to work is 15-25% of forces). Logic my actions do not not so long ago, or rather 21 October 2010, Sergei Sobyanin was approved by the mayor of Moscow, and one of the first questions that he intends to begin to resolve – is incredible tube from which people suffer from catastrophic loss of time, air pollution, daily and numerous accidents. In general, I'm going to that machine to have bad, I'm going to, how cool it would be if Sobyanin S. pondered not only the expansion of highways, and the more global solution – filtering required constant travel, as they could be significantly reduced through the development of projects that could provide much mobility of various spheres of activity.

Examining each item individually, in the end we can conclude that all of the above paragraphs suggest some mobility, some countries are already practicing this system, for example, in 2010 I had the privilege to visit Otava University Western Ontario, where the system was introduced, the basis of the concept of which is mobility. If a student of the University, by any reason (sick, late, left temporarily) absent, provided University technology allows the student can watch and listen to a lecture on the Internet and even answer and ask questions, and most important lectures are archived, which means for an access to any archived lecture. 40% of people do not particularly need a presence in the destination, in particular with regard to: work in the office, trips to various stores, in part also applies to communication in various forms Confirmation of whether I dare suggests that many wildly indignant about many paragraphs of this article, but if you look at the statistics for the past two years, it is possible to identify a positive trend in many factors affecting the development of the Internet. Outcome The main idea that I wanted to get across is that by ligaments main components, one can understand how afigitelno have Internet access.

Trade Representative Exhibitions

Shelftokery Shelftokerami said strip of material (paper, cardboard) with a product image, brand, or text your ad's message. Shelftokery placed on the shelves at the point of sale, separating, so the position of the goods and attracting attention to it. Sticker – it's a sticker, poster adhesive vinyl-based, are made of any size. Scope of the sticker is very extensive. Thanks gooey layer, stickers can be used in places where is impossible to use plain paper. Stickers successfully withstand adverse weather conditions. Stickers can stick practically anywhere – on shelves at the entrance to the store, on the walls or ceiling.

Thanks to modern technology, stickers can also be used on the floor or even on the pavement – a special protective coating successfully resists wear over a long period of time. Stickers are printed on a white and a transparent film. Perhaps the use of paints 'silver' and 'gold'. The technology also exists 'termopodema' – while at the sticker applied to a convex image. For showcases are perfect bilateral stickers – because one of the parties is made on the basis of adhesive, image quality did not suffer. Self-adhesive logo with a transparent coated self-adhesive emblem depicting the logo or trademark will decorate any product or representative products of your company. The emblem is holographic, ie, has a volume "Three-dimensional effect – your logo made" in volume ", of course, attract attention and will be remembered by the client.

Such posters can be used as a souvenir, advertising, labeling products as well as element of product design for domestic and industrial purposes. Posters have unique technological properties – resistance to water, corrosive environments, temperature extremes, UV-radiation. In addition to the above, the advertising agency offers the following types of POS-materials: advertising rack products (scope: the place of sales, exhibitions, presentations). Stand for outdoor products (scope: locations of sales, exhibitions, presentations). Stand for leaflets (scope: exhibitions, presentations, promotion campaigns), stand – reception (Scope: The Exhibition. Congresses, conferences, offices, places of sales). Computer display and Information counter (Scope: exhibitions, presentations, promotion campaigns, registration of places of sales). Mobile stands Trade Representative (scope: conferences, promotion campaigns, presentations, exhibitions, corporate events, conferences).

Cleaning Cover

Section 1. Outdoor floor coverings: Coir cover installed at the entrance from the street or in the tambour space. Cheap rubber coating unit, retaining all the dirt, snow, brought by a streets, in the cells and cover the premium – a grid of aluminum with rubber anti-skid inserts, nap absorbing inserts, brush inserts for more efficient cleaning of the soles shoes from the mud and metal lath-scrapers. Cleaning cover made to fit the customer as soon as possible after the departure of manager-. Manufacturing technologies make it possible to cover virtually any complex geometry, with the company logo and colors only accentuate the style and design of the building entrance. Ready-dimensional coverage is always in stock. Cover can be installed on floor surface, and in specially prepared pits (indentations in the floor).

Section 2. Tambour flooring Entrance coverage presented in this section shall be established at the entrance to the building, a tambour space. Modular rubber coating well collect mud, snow, brought by the street, and kept in the cells. Coir mats with rubber "schipami" ideally remove dirt from the soles of shoes, even with complex protector. Of the coir vinyl coating coverage with spiral structure can be fabricated gryazesbornye carpets of different sizes and any geometry, even with the company logo. Rolled rubber coating can apply not only to protect the entrance of dirt, but for , insulation, for example, in manufacturing plants. Wide range of colors such coatings decorate entrance and emphasize style and design of any building. Section 3.

Cleaning Carpets Cleaning carpets used at the entrance to the building, the room, so often referred to as vestibule of coir rugs. All presented here antisplash coatings have a rubber or pvc substrate and the special structure of the pile, which provides quality cleaning shoe soles and hold dirt and mud inside the cover. In spite of this coating protects the floor from damage ("swelling" of moisture, attrition). Of roll coverings are made of coir rugs of any size and geometry rubber-edged in the color of the coating. Wide range of colors pile coir coating allows you to choose rug under any design of the lobby. Section 4. Non-skid material in this section are presented tape provides durable non-slip surfaces in the heavy traffic of visitors and light specials technology in manufacturing plants, warehouses, corridors and passages, as well as flights of steps and stairs, ramps, steps, ladders. Also, non-slip tape and anti-bacterial coatings for bathtubs, showers, swimming pools, saunas.

Biological Sciences

I think it is not necessary to explain to anyone that the development and creation of any thing that makes human life easier and more enjoyable, a great many works of these masters. With all fairness it can be said of orthopedic mattresses. Here, the science of health – medicine – is a leader. Perfect example – mattresses Mediflex. Caring for your spine, orthopedic mattresses Mediflex developed with the active participation not just orthopedic surgeon and an outstanding scientist, academician, Doctor of Biological Sciences and founder and director of the Center for rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injury and the effects of child cerebral palsy, “Valentin Ivanovich Dikul. You can not argue with his famous statement: “If you’re not doing your spine, then he soon will you.” vi Dikul most of his life devoted to the study spine problems. Because of this he, like no one knows what the correct position of the spine during sleep is the key to health of the whole organism. After all, the spine – this is the core that affects absolutely every part of our with your body, including during sleep.

Mattresses Mediflex optimal from this point of view. They are manufactured using unique developments academician Dikul and tested in practice in one of Moscow’s rehabilitation centers, led by vi Dikul. There mattresses Mediflex excellent results, because in their manufacture were taken into account physiological features of the human body, hypoallergenic material properties of mattresses. Taken into consideration and comfort. After a pledge of good sleep – not only medically correct mattress, but also a really comfortable mattress.

Such as Mediflex. It is particularly noted that the effect of orthopedic mattresses Mediflex, achieved through the specific structure of the spring unit with 7 functional zones, different stiffness. These zones is 7 because so many doctors isolated areas in the human body. These are areas, such as head, shoulders, back, hips and thighs knees, shins, feet. In addition, a unique technology, thoughtful sequencing, and the quality of layers of fillers can even flipping during sleep to minimize power loss by 30% and contributes to normal blood and lymph circulation in the tissues of the sleeper does not have a compressive action. These technologies, along with the unique developments of Academician vi Dikul are an integral part of all models of mattresses Mediflex. As most Popular: Sleep Correct, Spine Balance, Perfect Body and mattresses premium Mediflex Bio Family, which can be purchased at our online store mattress Among other things, an unquestionable advantage of orthopedic mattresses Mediflex is flexible approach to the use of materials in various models of orthopedic mattresses. Thus, the model Sleep Correct – mattress with classic coated jacquard with a system of so-called “smart” springs model Mediflex Spine Balance – has a high comfort, due to application of high resilient foam with cellular structure. Model Perfect Body natural filling – natural latex, which attaches to the mattress antiseptic properties. Premium model Mediflex Bio Family – springless mattress. He not only has different sides to the rigidity of the spouses prefer different stiffness of mattresses, but also includes part of Tacna fiber Bioceramic, which contribute to normalization of metabolic processes in the human body, have antibacterial effect, promote the maintenance of thermal comfort in time of sleep.

Health Management

Orienting Otavio Pine: Prof. Jerusha Mattos SUMMARY the subject management of solid residues has been one constant challenge, mainly, in result of the concern with the ambient question, therefore its efetivao can guarantee the preservation of the occupational health and the population, beyond minimizing the impacts to the environment. This article carries through initially an analysis of the danger of the health residues, as its classification and composition. Later, is made analysis of the results gotten from a project of Management of the Residues of the Service of Health in the unit of Ready Attendance of Arthur Walnut? SP, with the theory argued in the theoretical referencial. In such a way, the quarrel presented here aims at to demonstrate as initiatives in the health sector, through adoption of methods of management of residues and the fulfilment of the legislation, can solve the impacts generated for the same. Words? residues of health service; health occupational; health publishes; Introduction Is very said in the existing perigos of contamination, in Brazil due to fiscalization lack some problems elapse that affect the health publish and are aggravated by the indifference with the management of the residues of health services, representing a great danger to the health, a time that can be contaminated with .causing microorganisms of illnesses (BRAGA, 2001). They are originary of establishments that act in the area of in agreement health can find in the article 1 of Resolution CONAMA 358 of 2005, considered as great producers of residues. The management plan if makes necessary as made use in RDC 306 of 2004 of the ANVISA, that defines the lines of direction for the handling in the health institutions. It can notice that to if establishing the specific legislaes for the health sector, we are dealing with the subject the Solid Residues of the Service of Sade (RSSS) with great relevance due its direct relation with the way environment and the public health.

American Education

With regard to Chavez, the democrat affirms that the reinforcement of the American leadership is the best form to contain the rhetoric of Chavez. Already of internal scope, Obama will make investments in public works in the infrastructure sector as form to recoup the economy and to generate new ranks of work. It will carry through cuts of taxes to the classrooms lowest, and will increase the taxes to the calls magnates, who had lived its years of glory in the mandate of Bush. But the primordial one will be for coming. We can mention as such, the reforms in the health and the education. This aims at to improve education still more as basic base in the formation of the individual, adding to the education of excellency of which already known in U.S.A., such as the University of Harvard, but this measure tends to mainly increase the quality of basic education, where as Obama it is the main one, therefore is there that everything is initiated. Already the reform in the health system, has as project to become possible the universal access the medical treatment, where any same citizen without plain millionaire of health will be able to have access.

Referring to the economy, Obama will increase the fiscalization to bonds carried through for the companies to its employees, mainly those that had received financial support on the part from the government. In what it touches to the energy questions, Obama will make searches of energies renewed to diminish the dependence of the oil, being searched to reach a sustainable economy. Such energy, but in this in case that nuclear, that the United States will have to deal with Ir and Coreia of the north, the countries that already had initiated the mentioned enrichment of Uranian for the energy supply, but in the case of the Coreia of the north, already if can notice the movement in the construction of bombs of destruction in mass, that to each day increases the risk of conflicts, much which had the acceptance of intervention of the world-wide order in its territory, not arriving even though already to banish soft to power hard to power, the hard power, that can be express for the use of the force, Obama intends to be used with little frequency, saved in necessity of defense of the American and humanitarian interests.


The all moment, we come across in them with propagated reporters pelasmdias where, of a side, the disordered growth and surrounding aomeio disrespect are evidenced e, of another one, ferrenhos protectors danatureza display its points of view. I know some of these ' ' protetores' '. Without generalizing, intolerantes people, in its maioriahipcritas, living and liveing in areas of permanent preservation. Odiscurso is very involving, but without result. About 80% of localonde I live does not possess basic sanitation. looks at that it is a deEstado capital. I do not see nobody speaking on this, much less osintolerantes. I am ferrenho defender of the conservation of our ecosystem and also in favor of the progress, of the commanded growth denossas cities.

To forbid real estate enterprises is criardificuldades, to negotiate easinesses, a door for the corruption. It has that to have a more partial solution. I think that we would have to invsde simply to forbid an enterprise, to create mechanisms efetivosde control of the tax of occupation of ground. For example: one resortcom study of capacity for 400 apartments, would get permission to paraconstruir only 150. Organic einseticidas an obliged field of golf to use seasoning and to have 50% of preservation area. A projected prdioresidencial to use to advantage to the maximum the natural light, collecting of pluvial water, captation of solar energy, proper net detratamento of sewers, organic and inorgnico garbage collection and limited comaltura. Houses with little constructed areas, materiaisreciclveis, wood of reforestation, solar energy, collection of lixoreciclvel and areas for compostagem.

Mansions to the side-sea with decksflutuantes and aeolian energy. Clearly, everything this with the doestado hand fiscalizing and creating fiscal exemptions for such projects. Quemsabe with discounting of IPTU for ecologically correct projects, financing with lesser and subsidized interests. Who knows a stamp directly verdepara real estate, correctors, constructors, engineers and architects, enabling the involved professionals. This is not one utopia! It is possible! Oque cannot have is the simple prohibition, without a deeper study, trying to equate the ambient lines of direction with the commanded growth. Property in Florianpolis – ImovelSulFloripa

Universal Declaration

Still, second made use in the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Animals, all the animals have the same right to the life, right to the respect and the protection of the man, amongst others. As well as the Federal Constitution it attributes the right to the life of the Man as right essential of the human being, the article 1 of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Animals attributes that all they are equal before the life and have the same rights to the existence. Therefore, the article 2, item 3 makes use that ' ' all the animal has the right to the attention, the cares and the protection of homem' '. Therefore, we verify that the animal, also the wild animals, has right to the life and the survival, having to be respected and proteges, fitting the Man to watch over for its welfare and its health. Being thus, in the same way that a doctor cannot forbear to help it a human being, in any conditions, it could not a Medical Veterinarian if deny to give emergencial attendance to an animal, either wild, exotic or domestic. Our Federal Constitution determines, in the article 5, interpolated proposition XIII that the exercise of any work, craft or profession are free, taken care of the professional qualifications that the law to establish, as of the medical veterinarian. We still have, in state scope, what it makes use the Constitution of the State of So Paulo, in its article 193, interpolated propositions X and XVIII, the following one: Article 193 – The State, by means of law, will create a system of administration of the ambient quality, protection, control and development of the environment and adequate use of the natural resources, to organize, to co-ordinate and to integrate the actions of agencies and entities of the administration direct and indirect public, assured the participation of the collective, with the end of: X – to protect the flora and the fauna, in these understood all the wild, exotic and domestic animals, forbidden practical that they place its ecological function at risk and that they provoke extinguishing of species or they submit the animals to the cruelty, fiscalizing extration, production, creation, methods of abates, transport, commercialization and consumption of its specimens and by-products. .

North America

In this direction, the process of democratization in the North America has left of two basic premises: the equality of conditions in the formation of the American society and the uncosteded preservation of the freedom. These are questions that new Science Politics has of if pledging in the analysis and exploration. In this direction, it is that Tocqueville warns to educate the democracy, to purificar its customs, to adapt the governments in agreement the conditions space-weather and the partner-economic necessities of the beings human beings. In principle, she is valid to detach that for Tocqueville he cannot have states democratic without freedom of the person human being. Freedom in the will direction free, to choose its moral power on the proper destination, its duty and the right to conduct it same itself, without leaving to nobody, much less to the State, puting in charge themselves of this only good that is the individual freedom of the human being. The construction of the democratic Liberal Order in U.S.A.

must it two main factors: first because it was povoamento colony, that is, the American citizens when leaving the land-mother, England, had looked a propitious place do not stop accumulating profit and power, as she occurred in Iberian-America, but to inhabit and to construct a society between equal. Second, because from this iderio he is formed, initially, selfgoverment. Selfgoverment consisted, among others things, in the participation of all in the decisions politics and fiscalization of all stops with all. For this fact they had been created Communitarian advice, whose members were elect for all the citizens. After that, Communes with the same characteristics had formed themselves and, thus, it is possible to understand the reason of the reinforcement of the Democracy in the United States of America. These traditions of the formation of the North American society had been detected by Tocqueville in elapsing of its research.

Garbage Residues

It does not matter if the parents he is rich or poor the question is that it will go to cause great we give to the environment. Analyzing the question above proposal would not be more convenient in thinking about as to minimize the amount of residues instead of as to treat, we know that today it has a concern muitocrescente in relation to environment, which had to the effect caused by the evil conditioning of the garbage what it takes the contamination of air, water and the impacts not only ambient but in the field of the health. Had to this complexity with regard to the garbage it makes necessary in analyzing the management of the garbage of form directed for the diverse processes of exploitation of residues, in view of of that the resources are exhaustible. The boarding on the garbage requires the enrollment of all society in the direction to face this problematic one and for this it is necessary the monitoramento and fiscalization of the politics of the public power, beyond the insertion of the individuals in an educative vision on the garbage. Inside of the alternatives we have I fill with earth considered bathroom as one of the solutions sufficient practises and cockroach. She is necessary one has an adequate waterproofing so that the chorume produced in the decomposition does not come to contaminate the ground, air, pluvial and underground waters. This type of I fill with earth becomes necessary a systematic accompaniment, however this has its advantages as in I inhabit it to the case will be able anticipatedly to pass for a recycling process as well as the use of the gas methane in the energy production. How much to the lixes these receive the residues any type to the open sky of inadequate form, the investments are baixssimo, without no control very become ambient it preoccupying in function of the high level of pollution.