Trade Representative Exhibitions

Shelftokery Shelftokerami said strip of material (paper, cardboard) with a product image, brand, or text your ad's message. Shelftokery placed on the shelves at the point of sale, separating, so the position of the goods and attracting attention to it. Sticker – it's a sticker, poster adhesive vinyl-based, are made of any size. Scope of the sticker is very extensive. Thanks gooey layer, stickers can be used in places where is impossible to use plain paper. Stickers successfully withstand adverse weather conditions. Stickers can stick practically anywhere – on shelves at the entrance to the store, on the walls or ceiling.

Thanks to modern technology, stickers can also be used on the floor or even on the pavement – a special protective coating successfully resists wear over a long period of time. Stickers are printed on a white and a transparent film. Perhaps the use of paints 'silver' and 'gold'. The technology also exists 'termopodema' – while at the sticker applied to a convex image. For showcases are perfect bilateral stickers – because one of the parties is made on the basis of adhesive, image quality did not suffer. Self-adhesive logo with a transparent coated self-adhesive emblem depicting the logo or trademark will decorate any product or representative products of your company. The emblem is holographic, ie, has a volume "Three-dimensional effect – your logo made" in volume ", of course, attract attention and will be remembered by the client.

Such posters can be used as a souvenir, advertising, labeling products as well as element of product design for domestic and industrial purposes. Posters have unique technological properties – resistance to water, corrosive environments, temperature extremes, UV-radiation. In addition to the above, the advertising agency offers the following types of POS-materials: advertising rack products (scope: the place of sales, exhibitions, presentations). Stand for outdoor products (scope: locations of sales, exhibitions, presentations). Stand for leaflets (scope: exhibitions, presentations, promotion campaigns), stand – reception (Scope: The Exhibition. Congresses, conferences, offices, places of sales). Computer display and Information counter (Scope: exhibitions, presentations, promotion campaigns, registration of places of sales). Mobile stands Trade Representative (scope: conferences, promotion campaigns, presentations, exhibitions, corporate events, conferences).