Global Network

Many Internet users believe that the transfer of sites and their localization are synonymous, but even the most literate translation does not guarantee more or less decent localization, since the translation site – it is only part of its localization. The popularity of web-site is directly related to local search engines, as the promotion of a localized version of the site in a specific territorial (linguistic) area should be carried out according to the laws this region, because, as the translation and localization impact on system requirements for content warning the search of anti-optimization. To orient the reader, the article suggested four categories of synthesis and translation localization sites. Translation of web sites with the sign "+" / localization sites with the sign "+" in this category translation sites by professional translators, who know the required subjects, or master, perfectly familiar with the language of the original site and the language into which translation must be done. Even after the transfer is made localization of adaptation for a specific target audience.

The result is a site optimized for those search engines, in the first place where it is planned to place on your site. All this is expensive, but because sites in this category is small enough. Most often, they belong to the offices of major corporations or specialized in translation, localization and optimization of Internet resources for businesses. Translation of web sites with the sign "+" / localization sites with the sign "-" Most of the owners of sites in this category – it is international social and non-profit associations or government vehicles. In such organizations are working people who own more than one language at a high level and a narrow topic. In these cases the localization is not necessary condition, because associations rotate in the Global Network only for the purpose of communication and dissemination of information that does not require a transformation under the support of a language. Translation of web sites with the sign "-" / localization sites with the sign "+" This category of localized sites, primarily related Internet resources on sales of niche products and provide unique services for which the key indicator is to evaluate those.

characteristics of the goods carried by customers. The role of localization in this case are important keywords for your language. Such enterprises and without competent translation, with its international users as a description and basic settings will be clear even in broken language. However, many potential customers lost, because a good localization can only partially compensate the poor translation sites. Translation of web sites with the sign "-" / localization sites with the sign "-" This category includes the most awkward, but quite common case of web-localization. Occurs with similar organizations that prepare or implements the good products, why directors are confident of continuous sales, regardless of the circumstances and the impossibility of competition. Therefore, the translation is like a school assignment, executed troechnikom and localization of sites performed the administrators or specialists of the financial department, along with its basic functions, assuming that such action is likely whim of management, than a necessity. Undoubtedly, multilingual resources can not be spread from 4 categories, rather they are divided into categories and multiply in the subsections. However, the task of this material was determined only in the basic classification.

Tourism Demand

Demand for tourist travel and services is a key factor in the tourist market. Virtually any enterprise which is relevant to tourism (such as recreation abroad), is interested to have reliable information about the demand for products offered, particularly with respect to the projected demand for the future. From this figure is entirely dependent on the state of the tourism business, advertising, planning investment opportunities for business expansion, etc. In order to develop infrastructure, expand the transport network, services, build new hotels, amusement parks, it is necessary to have information about the most probable how many tourists come to this place, how much time they spend here, what are their needs, how much money they spend here. Information on tourism demand and evidence-based forecasts can be reliable basis for making long-term tourism development program, which provides the maximum socio-economic effect with minimal losses.

One of the problems of effective management of tourism business is to bring supply into line with existing demand, so there was no excess or deficiency. The difficulty lies in the fact that the transient tourist product, it is impossible to store, store for future use, so unused supply in the form of unsold hotel rooms or trips cause irreparable. Things are going well, where the real demand ensures the achievement of planned load factors and hotel vehicles. This shows the importance of identifying and forecasting the demand for all companies and individuals involved in providing tourism services. Real demand is measured by indicators such as: – the number of arrivals – number of nights or turodney – the average cost per visitor. The potential demand is measured by the number of visitors possible.