Culture Organizational Climate

The above approach points to consider, how cultural factors can help the organization understand what individuals learn, or are discouraged from learning in an organization. In this regard, it should be further understood as organizational culture, as symbolic process of organizational behavior. To Stephen (1987), defined as a system of common meaning among members that distinguish one organization from another; Deal (1984) understood as symbols that show, values and behavior of its members and argues that culture is a sum values, myths, heroes and symbols that have come to represent something very important for workers Shein (1985) argues that organizational culture is constituted by the beliefs and assumptions present in the organization and in 1988, adds to this concept, the organizational culture is innate part for those trachea have been all his life working in an organization. Likewise, states that the assimilation of values and cultural patterns of an organization by its members, will influence the motivation to work by themselves (p. 149). For his part, Robbins (1996), Organizational Culture associated with patterns of behavior. For Gore (1996), is a pattern of basic assumptions that a group invents, discovers or develops to meet its need to respond to external demands without losing the internal coherence.


Support qualified and transparent financial advisory services with effect from November 1, 2012 the publity AG joined the Association of independent financial services companies in Europe e. V. (vote) as a supporting member. As advocacy of pan-European financial services companies, vote was established on 15 March 1995 in Hamburg. In addition to the leaders of the independent all financial companies and other reputable distributors relevant product donor companies for independent insurance and investment advice the AXA Konzern AG, the Dr. Klein & co.

AG, the generali Versicherung AG, MLP Finanzdienstleistungen AG, and the Nurnberger Lebensversicherung AG. vote members include, so for example the Allianz Global Investors Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH, The Member companies vote represent more than 80,000 financial service providers. You have an economic significance should not be underestimated, especially in times, where traditional banks its economic tasks no longer 100 percent can meet. As a supporting Member, we want to best support vote in its objective, to improve the transparency and the quality of financial advice, because this is our own goal,”explains Thomas Olek, CEO of publity AG. As master servicer in the German market of non-performing loans (NPLs) and issuer of NPL performance fund the publity AG day partner companies from financial consulting cooperates with. Many of the more than 800 distributors of publity AG are already members to vote and advice at a high level. It was only logical to join international bankers Forum in addition to our commitment and others at the Bank Association, the Federal Association for credit purchases and servicing (BKS) and which also vote.

“Because we are convinced: achievement and success come from long-term commitment and high quality awareness,” as Thomas Olek continue. VOTE advocates the creation of uniform training standards and the clear definition of the profession of financial institutions. In the way a voluntary commitment the vote members have imposed on other standards.

Basil Stepanovich

After such a successful debut shaving Batashevs begin to actively participate in various exhibitions: All-Russian and international, are always received the highest awards for his samovar. In 1874, the brothers works 212 people, issued 4,140 samovar. In 1875, Vasily S. petitioned for the construction of a two-story stone building on the street instead of a wooden Gryazevskoy. In 1876 the brothers Batashevs established a trading house in the form of a partnership under the firm ', vs, as, PS' for 6 years. Duties at the factory were as follows: Basil who did the finances, Alexander – production, Paul – kept production. Factory Batashevs thrived on it were produced 110 thousand samovars a year, employed 600 workers. In 1890, between Basil and Alexander is the division of property.

Over time, Paul goes out of production, selling its share to Alexander. Brothers have the right to put its product image medals and diplomas obtained at the shows. Vasiliy at this time in the factory employs 250 people. After a few years away from production and Alexander. In 1893, in Chicago occurred largest exhibition, where Basil Batashev receives a gold medal for their products. Samovars Batashev always received top honors. In 1894, Alexander Batashev gave his younger brother Alex and Ivan Batashev samovar factory at the Novo-Pavshinskoy (now a street of the Comintern).

April 10, 1898 approved the charter of the Association of steam samovar factory heirs Yegorov Batashev in Tula. " In this partnership included a wife Basil Stepanovich – widow Maria, her daughter and son-in Zanf Leben ff Separately, continues to operate the factory Alexis and Ivan at the Novo-Pavshinokoy. The new factory "Heirs vs Batashev was built on the street Gryazevskoy (now Leyteyzena, 12). It produced not only the samovar for sale, but also a gift. In 1909 the factory "Heirs vs Batashev were manufactured and donated samovars family of Emperor Nicholas ii during their passage through Tula. At the factory "The heirs vs Batashev "the best specialists, which attracted a good organization of work, decent working conditions and good wages. Samovars Batashev (factory heirs vs Batashev ") is always were of high quality, diversity in form and decoration, to 54 different styles. They quickly bought up samovars, samovars Batashev gained popularity throughout Russia, and received numerous awards at various exhibitions. The highest award of the National show was considered a state emblem, adopted by the Ministry of Finance for the best factory-made products. First in Russia to receive such an award heirs vs Vatasheva the 1896 All-Russian exhibition in Novgorod samovar production. At various art and industrial exhibitions samovars Batashev received the Grand Prix: in 1903 in St. Petersburg in 1904 in Paris at an international exhibition in 1911 in Turin also has been awarded three honorary diploma and more than twenty other awards, and numerous medals at various exhibitions. But not only famous for Batashevs samovar. Alexander Batashev was a very generous man. After of how he came to Vasily division of property, he bought a factory in the Demidov street, but decided to give these buildings a rooming house, which lasted until 1917. And then another – at the Novo-Pavshinskoy, which in later gave his younger brother Alex and Ivan Batashev. Shaving Ivan and Alex at his factory to open a free hospital for the workers and their families. The same hospital Batashevs brothers gave out free drugs Tula poor. In 1906 the factory opened a primary school brothers Batashevs where free instruction in both boys and girls. Batashev samovar (samovar Batashevs) and still have great value!

Catalog Without Backlink

Knowledge of users growing by the day. Hence, these deserve special attention are platforms of knowledge and experience of some people and provide access to the rest. In our catalog we stateynom publish unique articles obschetematicheskie absolutely free and sort them on the appropriate heading. Web resources such as stateynye directories are for the public interest, a valuable source of information each particular subject niche. At the same time we have made available the authors' experience, lay people, because the articles relating to different categories may also be of interest to readers, as well as scientific publication.

The better and unique written articles published in the catalog of articles, the more sympathetic readers go to the directory on the target search terms. Most often this article, in which are vital tips for users of the catalog, as they are in demand in almost all niches of knowledge. It is of interest to webmasters that are posted, their own or bought from the authors of the articles in our directory, in exchange for a set back links in articles. Comprehensive information areas and topics, in our catalog, not buried on the Internet at various sites, and neatly stacked in one place, as all the papers are thoroughly sorted by category and are generally used for any public or group of readers. Almost every person has knowledge of any particular field, what he can afford to allow to share with readers, they are interesting and many are being published and publicly available. White article directory is an ideal platform for the acquisition of useful knowledge, moreover, without any financial cost. Needless to say, what to add material to stateyny catalog specifies certain rules that must be met in order to maintain a high level of directory and bring more opportunities for patrons. Before placing each article are moderated, deleted material from profanity, or themes that are contrary to the valid legislation of the Russian Federation.

Ventilated Facade

You can light the stove, you can bask in the battery, and you can use the system of ventilated facade. It's also a way of warming the room, and one of the most modern. Strictly speaking, the ventilated facade is a special way to wall cladding. This kind of finish is also used for insulation and for beauty. Everything else, ventfasad as new windows, provides a complete soundproofing. And thanks to a special material that strengthen the external walls, increases the life of the building. Installation of ventilated facades made quite simple. Installation of panels can be produced in the winter and summer.

Everything else, this front does not require no additional cost to care for themselves. You simply install it again – and permanently. Ventfasad constructed of protective and decorative facing side, which is mounted at some distance from the wall. As known since high school, it was the air layer between clothes warm us during cold weather. Air gap in a ventilated facade lifts the protective properties of the system. In addition, there is also a special heat-insulating coating, which allows to keep the heat inside the building. The main advantages of ventilated facades lie in the fact that they are fast to install, you can use a variety of facing materials and color combinations. They are resistant to adverse environmental influences and are able to protect the frame house for fifty years.

When installing ventfasadov used facade materials such as stone, fiber cement board, composite panels made of aluminum, stone, porcelain, and modern insulation brands Venti Butts, Rufus Butts, ROCKWOOL plates and several others. It is worth noting that the recent order of service installation ventilated facade is especially beneficial in financial terms because of increased competition in this sector in the market. Installation – one of the important steps towards the warm, secure building. And if you yourself do this step is not solved, your services are always ready to professionals, all of which will, moreover, quickly and efficiently.

Treasure Map

If you think the process of cutting pictures silly and not serious, try another way to create a treasure map. To do this you will need again the same sheet of paper. But cut and paste pictures on this card you will not have to. Take a pen and share your future map of nine squares, in other words, draw a grid of Bagua. Sign a separate box appropriately named – career, finances, love, health. Subsequently, then, in a separate square treasure map enter his dream, which matches the name of the zone.

If you want to get promoted – and write in the appropriate box, or if you want to meet my darling – write in cell called 'friendship'. All my own desire to write on the map clearly, concisely, in the present tense, but in the end do not forget to add the phrase 'for the common good. " If, by writing all their secret desires, you see that your map was not completely filled, and fill more empty cells, not in a hurry. Leave it for later. Over time you will have new desires, which you can enter in the empty cells.

Write only about what you would like really badly. It is not necessary to complete the map fleeting and empty desires. When you're finished recording to treasure map his own desires, read them all aloud, trying to feel with confidence that you could do it, and it will all happen in his term. It is best if such a map-sheet will always be with you. You can keep it in your pocket or purse, you can just put the card under your pillow at bedtime. Do not forget to read at times their card in order to feed the desires of the new energy. If after some time thereafter, making cards, you will feel that one of the desires of lost interest to you – rather replace it with another! Your Treasure Map should contain only fresh, important for you to desire. This is a must! You should not assume that after the way you have made your treasure map you do not need anything else to do, you just quietly wait and all wishes come true by themselves. Of course, this does not happen. What you have done treasure map, directed energy desires in the right direction, found their dreams and goals – good. But this alone is not enough. Need more work by you, providing a map to assist you and inspire confidence. If you have written on the card, that dream of wealth, though they are working on low-paid jobs, it does not mean that happiness is for you to fall down by itself. Take the first step – start looking for work in a more promising direction, and in this case, your actions and the energy concentrated on the treasure map will give the desired result – you will definitely lucky! Or, for example, you wrote in the sector 'Friendship' that you want to meet my soul mate. And yourself with almost all the time sitting at home, waiting for your love alone will find you. Take a step forward! Begin a more active life, try to come to various events, join a section on hobbies. And you'll get what you want, faster and easier, because you're lucky enough to own a treasure map.