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Unnecessary pressure is exerted on the workforce, often enough pours instantaneous private frustration on unjustified Colleagues and employees. Needed expertise or product ideas are purchased on the open market and not integrated into the company, but sorted. Inner layoffs occurred long in such establishments and only the convenience or fear, to find a new job, keeps the employees in the company. The motivation factor, with his own company, positively tackle its products and its customers, is correspondingly low or non-existent. People do if a company inside is healthy, but is it the difference outside. When employees are satisfied with their company, they are motivated. Motivated employees think and have fun doing it, to develop their own skills. You think about the company, have ideas for new products and shopping, and represent their company to business partners.

Of course there are also the so-called in many companies “Garth (times of chef, times staff), but the vast majority of employees want usually Fun to have what she does. If it spoils the fun however and does not use the thrust of this motivation, potential and money will be destroyed without rhyme or reason. No plan no plan company with motivated employees sunshine radiate vain, have the right to do a good job, are more environmentally conscious and extremely competitive, because they pull together together. They perceived this easier by potential customers. But without organisational tool so a fun can also easily become self-congratulation, one sees this sometimes in company with very safe markets and officials similar organizational structures. Without plan new customer acquisition, customer retention, or additional sales not so easily work in a normal company. And you need a plans to perform a production facility or project, it takes planning, finding customers, to win and to strengthen existing relationships.

The plan helps customers find the motivated employees to win it. Guide to being happy, motivated employees need success. Seen such experiences in a company inside and outside, where the inner positive points are easier to reach. Of motivated employees trying to transfer this concept to the outside and are disappointed if customers, suppliers or business partners do not want to understand, why the product offered by us is not “the best” in the world. Here, help the possibilities of sales, organizational or communication concepts to establish contact with clients, to handle processes in a good customer and business relationship and understand, that not every customer is a company until. This creates the rest for the next contact and perhaps also the basis for the next business success at the customer. Company Description This is an article by King concept. We are a consulting firm with a focus on sales and organization. We publish regularly on management topics articles. On agreement for you, we can develop a special exclusive version tailored to your readership of this article. All previously published articles, see pictures and a profile of the author, see companies contact: King concept Helmut Konig Helmut Konig Middle Street 19 35516 Munzenberg Tel: 0049 6033 746634 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: King concept Helmut Konig Helmut Konig Middle Street 19 35516 Munzenberg Tel: 0049 6033 746634 E-Mail: Web: