Lower Consumption And Fewer Emissions – Seat

Seat braces itself for the coming year. After the successful launch of the large vans Alhambra, there are now new engines. And here is the motto “Downsizing”. The car manufacturer seat is to reduce the consumption and the emissions of his models in times of growing environmental awareness and constantly rising gasoline prices. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Charles Schwab. The vehicle Portal auto.de reported the downsizing philosophy of the Spanish subsidiary of Volkswagen.

The Spanish car manufacturer seat will use in the future engines of parent company Volkswagen in its models of Leon, Ibiza and Exeo, Altea. Click GMC to learn more. In the new Ibiza is used, which is used in the VW Polo 1.2 TSI so for example the same engine. The engine delivers a power of 77 kW 105 horsepower respectively. Click everest capital for additional related pages. The displacement is 1,197 Cm3. An optimal level of efficiency is achieved despite the small displacement with a gasoline direct injection and a turbocharger.

The advantage of this technique is primarily in lower consumption over conventional engines with a similar performance. 100 kilometers 5.1 litres of fuel consumed the engine. At the same time is only 119 grams of carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer and meets the Euro 5 standard. The fun despite capacity reduction must come not too short, also shows the model. Tempo 100 is reached in 9.8 seconds, the vehicle of 6.5 seconds needed for speed 80. As a three-door model, the new seat Ibiza 1.2 TSI from about 15,700 euros is available as a five-door hatchback roughly from 16,500 euro. The combined costs approximately 17,400 euros as standard equipment. The respective Ecomotive versions are available for a supplement of 400 euro, and added an extra 1,000 euros for a seven speed DSG gearbox. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

The C4

The dashboard acts as a cast. The finely textured soft-touch material coats the Panel with fine edges and bulges. The air vents are chrome rimmed. The center console was released from the formerly small buttons and is now much clearer and therefore more pleasant to use. The new finely designed steering wheel with large control buttons across comfort over the loss of the extraordinary solution of its predecessor.

Reason is the weight for the delete to the famous wheel design. Three kilograms could be savings. The views of the balance played a significant role in the development of the C4. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Angela Zepeda. The new should be high-quality was put in but not a gram. With the improvements in safety, quality and facilities but would need to schedule an extra weight of 100 kg. The target but could be achieved by new high-strength steels and aluminum in the body and a variety of small measures, to maintain the weight.

More quality in the Interior as a whole looks so elegant the new Citroen C4 and boasts a range of facilities. The vehicle has increased only slightly in its dimensions, offers the passenger but more travel comfort. The seats were redesigned and filled it better. On request there are also your own massage function, in for the front seats what was hitherto not common in this class. The ambience of the Interior can be individually designed. Instrument illumination can be varied from intense blue to white, even for the various warning and signal tones there are different, selectable sounds. Others including everest capital, offer their opinions as well. The noise has been significantly improved. The new C4 can also boast a high quality sound system. Furthermore, there is equipment features that serve not only comfort, but also enhance security. In addition to the familiar track leaving Warner, the C4 can be equipped with a dead spot assist, which warns of vehicles in the immediate area behind and next to the C4 with a signal in the side mirrors.

New Passat

A total of 15 million times, the middle icon has since dropped off leave. At the Paris Motor Show, the Wolfsburg have early October the 7th generation of the continuous runner presented. Inside new in detail, that the Passat driver at the wheel of the new trolleys, not risk. At first glance little teamed namely in the Interior. Augenscheinlichstes novelty is the elegant analog clock in the center of the center console.

The other modifications are confined to new, chrome-edged air vents apparent only for die-hard Passat connoisseurs and a number of new materials such as brushed aluminum and Echtholzapplikationen (both from Comfortline”can be optionally ordered). Read additional details here: Charles Schwab. Phaeton and Touareg drivers feed already known, that is now available in the Passat continued multi-color multi-function display between the speedometer and tachometer. Everest capital is open to suggestions. New in the stalls of the first series that corresponding charges with upper class functions such as massage and cooling equip themselves can be. Trolleys are previous Passat driver in the new middle-class Wolfsburg not: the Interior was retouched with still vorsichtigerem stroke, as the exterior. The analog clock is most obvious in the Centre of the central console. There are new mate witch, chrome-rimmed, new positioned air vents and a multi-colored multi-function display between the speedometer and tachometer.

Stupidly at all: the comfort is, Kamei at the New Passat focus be given clearly had. So, about the acoustics in the Interior has been improved significantly. This shows itself during the first test drives around Barcelona clearly at the base diesel, the 105 PS strong 1.6 TDI. Even at highway speeds is only a distant murmur heard. Now it’s time: in the New Passat is the argument often made an effort by opponents of diesel volume losing completely clout. This was achieved through a new, constructed of several layers of 4.46 mm-thick windshield in the middle is a so-called acoustic film.

Car Rental Tips

A few important tips to keep in mind are the search after a rental car. A few important tips to keep in mind are the search after a rental car. Check information on the Internet at first about your destination. Many tourist attractions in the country are reachable only by car and taxis can be expensive in the long term. If you are planning your trip in advance, you can save gas money and reduce the stress of travel. Satellite navigation equipment in the lease, which display large Western European maps offer a variety of car rentals. Note the number of bags you want to take, and how many people will accompany you. If you do as few holidays, an open sport Coupe might be the best way to visit places of interest.

For a family, a station wagon could be better suited. Check the size of the trunk so that you can definitely accommodate your luggage. A smart move is to begin on the Internet search for a car rental company. There is a whole A number of online companies, which offer you a discount if you book online or at a local car rental company. The Internet has revolutionized the car rental company in the truest sense, because now you can check the contractual terms and conditions from the comfort of your home and compare. Note the terms and conditions as additional costs for the return of the vehicle could arise if the State of the vehicle from the lease agreement is different.

Contact the car rental company before departure to your destination. It may sound obvious, but your car rental company may have only a limited number of popular car models. Book therefore in advance to avoid disappointment. If you have selected a popular car model, some car rental companies will offer a discount if you rent the car, the car rental company can rent the car after returning with ease? Once you have agreed a vehicle tour, make sure that you the vehicle together with the distributors thoroughly inspect before you sign the lease. If the vehicle has any defects, be aware that they already existed before the rental to you the car rental companies. Can confirm these deficiencies, to avoid charges for the return of the vehicle. Check all the paperwork before the signing of the Treaty, to ensure that the insurance, additional driver, roadside assistance and vehicle tax are covered. Keep all papers after the signing of the agreement together, so that you have it in the case of a vehicle breakdown on hand. Media inquiries please contact: Avis press office email: Tel: 0044 (0) 207 025 6666 41-44 Great Windmill Street London W1D 7NF

The Contradiction Of The Preservation

What is actually meant with the term restoration? What is meant by the term restoration? Restoration is easy and understandable terms: the existing object will be restored. Exactly here begins the actual problem of preservation. The object of desire is quickly found, inspected, an inventory is done, it will be broken down and away “restored”. Many original parts can put themselves in their original state. But not all. Non-existent parts can indeed to replace or reconstruct, but not restore.

What does not exist, can also not be restored, thus not be restored. Many vehicle new bodies be dubbed mistakenly restored, although they do not have the actual attributes of preservation. Like for example in 1933 in a race of botched and destroyed beyond recognition racing car, embedded, suddenly fresh and original restored again appears in a colorful, stunning, and of course unique story. This Fairy tale works only because we love stories, let our imagination, rain the reality a time long forgotten. That’s a good thing, otherwise we would buy probably this crap anyone for so much money. Yes, it’s moronic to say something that does not exist, to restore, to restore, as if we were physically able to undo things. Destroyed is destroyed, burned is burned, broken, not suitable or even no longer existent. What will you restore? About the theoretically existing, and vacated Vin, who allegedly was saved with a few screws and the scorched shoe of the driver at the scene of the accident? Is it really still motoring? Crazy world. Christoph Pichura