Voltage Power

Life is full of unpleasant surprises, but you have a chance to protect themselves from at least some of these hassles by installing a voltage regulator. The voltage regulator should be used: a). To ensure normal operation of various equipment, appliances, household appliances and office equipment, and other special equipment in the ups and downs, undervalued, overvalued or the mains when you need to filter out noise. This kind of instability voltage and electrical noise in there quite often and unexpectedly, and the ups and downs of voltage sources are sometimes long term. Traditionally, long-term (permanent) low / high voltage power is observed in the suburban areas, and long-time power surges, depending on time of day characterized the city power grid. ac voltage stabilizer profit provide normal power with significant and long-term (permanent) power surges. b). To ensure the protection of equipment, instruments and equipment from a sudden significant change in voltage mains.

Very often the cause of failure of equipment and devices are sudden large jumps in the supply voltage and pulse noise. ac voltage stabilizer profit provide protection from such effects, produce off in case of significant deviations of stress and restore power when the mains voltage is restored to the required for the voltage regulator values. c). To provide the equipment, devices and equipment with the required characteristics (work equipment and devices to passport specifications). ac voltage stabilizers profit high maintain the required accuracy of the value of supply voltage and withstand momentary overloads up to 150%. Very often the consumer due to malfunctions or defects associated with the quality of power refers to manufacturer or dealer for that job this product does not meet specifications on it.

After repeated testing equipment, possibly a replacement for a similar, analysis operating conditions by qualified technicians, etc. is finding the real reason – poor quality ac power. g). To increase the likelihood of failure and long-term operation of complex, high-tech, expensive equipment and appliances. Practical experience clearly indicates that one of the main reasons that causes premature failure and a decrease in terms of operation, is the lack of power quality. Setting the voltage, you save money that can go for the repair of costly equipment.

New Castle Time

There is every reason to believe that under the Great Novgorod had in mind Ladoga. But back to Rurik. Rurik – son pricked, which was married to a prince of the Slavic tribe bodrichey Godoslavom (Godlvom). It dwelt on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea. The capital city of the tribe was Ragon – Neysterlitse near future German Mecklenburg. The prince was killed Godlav Gottfried Danish. Rurik had to leave home and become a Varangian – Merc – and for a long time to wander in foreign lands.

And in the 862 tribes of Slavs and Chud was hired as the Prince Rurik. According to 'The Tale of Bygone Years ", Rurik first came to Ladoga, and a few years cut down Novgorod. But it is believed that Rurik any where from Lake Ladoga was not going away. Novgorod Chronicle says of this time: 'In the fourth summer of the reign of his migration from the Old to the New Castle great to Ilmen '. That is, the prince left the old town of Ladoga and settled in Novgorod. But at the time of Novgorod did not exist.

It originated as a trading and craft center at the end of X century. There is reason to believe that Rurik anywhere from Ladoga not went up to his death, in 879, the, rules, namely in it. Chronicler, describing the events of two centuries ago, could not diminish the importance of Lord Novgorod the Great in the history of the state, and therefore written in his works that the legendary Duke suffered a princely table of Ladoga in the upper reaches of the River to the place where later stood the main town of the Novgorod feudal republic.