The Support


They advocate the desirability of installing private hunting in our land preserves, they argue news about hunting that Asturias is the only province that has us, and me I wonder so we want them? does its implementation would allow us to hunt more and better? (do cases constitute them there would be better planning and hunting management? so want them?, secure insurance to do business, fleecing preserves and leave heading to other payments with the same idea; his absence seemed incomprehensible, they do not understand or do not want to understand that in the Asturian community game species are a public heritage linked to the Administration as opposed to the old theory of res nullius.) For such purposes, should point out the negative experiences of the hunting magazine, from time immemorial by Asturian hunters, full exclusion from the right to exercise hunting, land bounded as private, Prebend only reserved for a distant civil society that did not permit approaches (read exercise hunting) to their domains to a less favoured class. Fearing that these mutually exclusive circumstances, Asturian hunters, could persist to through the support which we have received from the Government of Monaco, empowered for these purposes, based on the transfer of powers by the State, natural resource, we armored our options, but with a premise, characterized of generosity, very different from the tribulations it here. Now and for some time, all, Hunt is not nobody relegated on the basis of their economic or social class and place of residence, even if it is out of the province. See U.S. Mint for more details and insights. To avoid self-worshiping discrimination, was born the current law of Asturias of the hunt. For both, with these eloquent premises, qualify the Act of Asturias of hunting as a hunting waste, the truth do not understand unless pursued other purposes, that could be.

Fernando Alexis Jimenez


Fernando Jimenez Alexis the letter arrived with the forcefulness of a star that fleeting crosses the sky on a dark night. He came from Guatemala and in it, the correspondent expressed me huge disappointment that assailed her. I saw a TV program. The preacher said that if he gave one hundred dollars, Dios multiply me planting. I gave the money but nothing happened. Now I have the debt. Not that the God ours is a God of riches.

One message from the many that come from people who feel deceived in their faith. And I remember Hugo, a friend pastor. We went to hear a preacher of prosperity in the stadium of Cali. A fiery message, but nowhere mentioned Jesus Christ. At the end he ended up challenging us all to give what they had in their pockets. At the end of the event, I invited the fellow servant just so that we were going to take the bus.

No, I stay, he answered. Why?, I asked but he insisted that it was. I was worried and hour and a half later I called to his house. He had just of arrive. He gave everything, even the passage in collective money. And it reminded me pesaroso: remember the speaker? He said that if we gave everything we had in his pocket, Dios would provide and I should return me walking ever happened? Dozens of people have fallen into the same situation. They have reversed the order of things. The Lord Jesus taught: because the gentiles seek all these things; but your heavenly Father knows that you you need all these things. But seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added. So, no worry for the day tomorrow, because tomorrow will bring your eagerness. Just your own wrong every day. (Matthew 6: 32-34) does the teacher taught us? At least three things that I invite you to consider from this passage: 1.-those who deal with the provision, rather than seek God, are the gentiles, in other words, those who think only of material things. 2.-That we have reversed the order of the things. God commanded us to seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and then, he said, other things would come such as addition, and today many seek first the additions and left in last place the Kingdom of God. 3 We must seek God and leave that Dios will address our needs. I invite you to review his life. It has invested its order of priorities? what worries you more: God or money? The answer is yours and nothing more than yours.

Operation Notation


I drive method of the ball mill 1, before the operation, we must check all parts according to the the contents itemized, after confirming trouble-free, we can do the preparation drove. 2, first start the pump, check whether the lubrication oil flow and lubrication system points are normal or not (before and after the big watts whether oil, the oil is normal). 3, after the lubrication system backs to normal, we need to check whether block phenomenon or not exists (normal, Ball flip the inertial rotation around the ball mill). 4, on duty staff contact the full – time dispatchers, dispatchers send electrical contact to the substation. 5, invested the thyristor excitation regulator device, regulating voltage to 50V, 100A Current. 6 staff strictly confirm the permission to start signal before they starting positions. 7, confirm the permission of starting signal, move the control switch on the control box to the on position, start the ball mill operation.

II ball mill parking method 1. before stopping the ball mill, we should first stop feeding and close the Watergate. 2, park the mill after dealing with the Owers int the machine. 3 After the machine ore processing, move the control box on the control handle to the OFF position, and inform the dispatcher, the dispatcher to notify the substation power outage. 4, stop the pump before stopping run ball mill 5, stop the thyristor excitation device. III, ball mill operation notation 1, duo to the lubricant systems breaksdown, excitation device and other reasons, the mill stop working, the operator should first move control handle to the OFF position, then notify the relevant personnel for inspection, troubleshooting.

2. Check the entire mill according to the Ammeter, signal indication, half bearing lubrication and motor temperature rise these situations IV, ball mill emergency stop and its processing 1. We should first stop the machine when finding these followingsituations energency: (1) spoon head drop. (2) the feeder trough collide loud. (3) periodically larger sound for gearing out tooth (4) engine, reducer bearing section abrupt warming, and the temperature is higher than 80 C. 2. If the emergency appears stop, we should be notified immediately the ore feeding and spiral classifier feeding. 3, the main bearing temperature abrupt rise higher than 80 C, we should use oil to stop the mill NG, the water can be used to cool bearing outer when necessity, only when the temperature decrease can we stop machine for checking. 4, after the emergency stopping, all electrical switches should be moved to the parking position. Vibratory feeder: Cone crusher: