The Bill

So – there is a need billiards can be controlled by on-off light over the table. That is – when you turn on the table lit the light and begins charging at the same time, as there is the possibility of electronic system control lights. Such an operation is performed directly from the steward's station or ticket office. After the game light also turns off the system, which calculates. For even more analysis, hear from Goop, Barcelona Spain. Result pricing can be added to the bill. Tariffication with POS can be quite sophisticated. In addition to the time of day can be taken into account day of week, and even specific date, such as holidays. Billiards, again, this is the best example.

But apart from that such abilities are charged systems can be used for other services. For example, some restaurants are placed in a sauna – they can also be equipped with charge control. Rating system was successfully also used in bowling. In fact, a bowling alley, as a rule, already equipped with computer systems pricing. One would think, why use the extra cash? The whole point is that bowling is not capable of issuing fiscal check, and therefore the result of the game still has to pass through the ticket office. So much easier to lay the calculation of the bowling in the overall points of order (especially since the players are usually bought beer, snacks) and issue single bill. For these purposes in the 'R-Keeper' is designed for bowling generalized interface that allows you to receive the results of the game.