Preston Street

The other day I was modified in an Italian cafe that will change hand these days and was one of the last batalladores by European, rather Western, good food, or acceptable non-edible, food always is comible that remained in this rather small capital city (Ottawa). It can be said without exaggeration that the departure from the traditional Don Alfonso, i.e. unique food Spanish really, the closure of the Panache, the only French restaurant, the drop in quality and rising prices of La Strada and Fratellis, both Italian as you can see, only left standing in the city a German restaurant in the Preston Street and La casa do churrascoPortuguese, rowing in the middle of this rich tidal, diversified and inexpensive restaurants so-called ethnic, excluding the repetitive quite tiring Arab food apart from the Ethiopian. But perhaps that is the only thing that can be sold here, in this rudimentary gastronomic atmosphere. This exuberant food Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, thai, etc., the Latin American since it seems relatively little migration to Latin to the city would not assimilate as soon as that now already it is not nostalgic exiles, but entrepreneurs immigrants who want to eat the food mainstream in the world who want to assimilate. With the exception of Mexican food, yes it consumed around the world because it is American, universal and established, remember the texmex. But I don’t want to talk about this time from this neospengleriano process of decadence West already evident in the international news, with the India and China will dominate the world in a few years and the United States are desperate to maintain presence in neighboring countries and enemies of the India. This decline of the West at the household level is manifest in the increasing incomibilidad of the Canadian food, parallel to ascension misilica of their prices and the loss of the culinary compass, which is the first sign of the decline of civilizations and its replacement by other younger and dynamics.

Womens Box

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Mount Utliberg

Lenin also liked to visit the cafe Odeon Located near Bellevue. 5) Politerrassa – from stop to Central Politerrasse can be reached by funicular, which takes you to the area in front of the University of ETH. This university is among the ten best in Europe and famous, including the fact that here was unable to do Eyntshteynu. From a platform Polterrassa a beautiful view over the city. A close student dining room is where you can quite inexpensive snack or drink Swiss glass of beer from a small bar near, enjoying the views and fresh air. 6) Kunsthaus – the main museum of the city, required for visits to those who are not indifferent to the arts.

In museums, among other papers presented a rich collection of Swiss artist and sculptor Dzhiakometti, and there are several paintings by Picasso, Monet and Salvador Dali. 7) Landesmuzeum. If you have a desire to join the history and culture of Switzerland, you you should definitely go to this museum. The museum is located in a picturesque castle near the railway station in Zurich. What is particularly nice – admission is free.

8) Utbliberg. Look at the Zurich and surroundings from bird’s the easiest way to Mount Utliberg that rises to the south-west of the city. You can get there by train S10, which is sent from the central station every half hour. Going from the station a little higher, you will find yourself in front of the restaurant and hotel, on the panoramic site. For those whom little and it can climb to the observation tower. 9) Fondue and Raclette: unable to go to Switzerland and do not try this traditional cheese dishes. Fondue is made of melted cheese mixed with white wine and spices. Bit bread dipped in this mixture (and sometimes even in the pre-snaps) and eating, drinking ice-cold white wine. Sometimes added to the cheese tomatoes, mushrooms and cheeses vary. Raclette cheese is melted, too, includes, but technology has different: boiled potatoes, pickled onions, cornichons and corn pour cheese melted in a special bowl or taken from a bar podplavlennogo cheese. In some versions, you can add freshly roasted meat. 10) Tsughauskeller – this famous restaurant with very reasonable prices and traditional Swiss food will not leave you indifferent. It is located in the great hall at Paradeplatts. There’s even a menu in Russian. From the range it is worth noting Zurcher geshnettsel – tender veal in a creamy mushroom sauce with potatoes in the form of roshti (something like casserole of grated potatoes), as well as sausages, sold … on the footage. In addition to the menu has a wide range of excellent Swiss beer, which is hard to find in stores. 11) Walk on Lake Zurich sure you will enjoy. Over the weekend, along the lakeside promenade are going to many artists, magicians, jugglers and acrobats. On the bank of the local craftsmen are building fantastic towers of stones, as gluttonous swans cruising along the waterfront and beg for food. The bravest can feed the birds right out of the hands – they are not afraid of people. On the end of the promenade is a huge rusty metal construction – ‘Eureka’. If you’re lucky, it will be turned off, and then lots of small mechanisms in motion and sculpture comes to life creaking rusty Circuits. In the summer you should definitely take a cruise on the lake to Rapperswil – the idyllic small town with a castle on the hill.


Many artists of our time can call himself Romantics, and their creativity – romanticism. Such a master, as always – the converter of the world, the spiritual world, first and foremost. Reality around him are not satisfied, he threw on the world of their shape, acquiring a product Benchmark dream personified. Not suitable for our world order – they say – based on greed and lack of love. We oppose his dream of a future without violence and deceit.

We want to see another person and different understanding of his existence. Space in the works, we clear the trash from time preparing for the arrival of different quality. The time of waiting in them – the main feature of creative vision. And, if you believe and work on this idea will gain new visible features. What is said today in favor of the romantic work? There is no clear specificity of the present day. She is not interested. Little, or no, people and architecture.

And there is more destructive of human actions on Earth. A if there is, then the images are abstract, it is easy to fit into nature – the main theme of the work of artists in this direction. Create a new heaven and new earth for the new man, even in a dream. Is not the purpose of an artist? But such is the dream of a paradise lost. And the goal is not art – from time to time lifts the veil of mystery for the regaining of faith and hope? This is the main idea of romanticism. "I am in everything and everything in me." Gives rise to the slogan of Romanticism idea of compulsory synthesis, the unity of art.


Generally in August should be cautious in when communicating with strangers. Can meet with deception and fraud to get into debt because of the excessive credulity and forbearance impostors. We must exercise particular caution and vigilance with respect to any documents, particularly important papers. Lunar Eclipse on Aug. 6, 2009 due to the sign of Aquarius and will have a strong influence on the representatives of this sign. It can give sharp, unpredictable changes in mood, an unconscious need for freedom, uncontrolled behavior. Young people may need to run away from home in search of new friends and new contacts. Unexpected situations can disrupt the usual shape the lives of many people.

Not only of Aquarius, but also representatives of other characters, you need to be in August, very careful with electrical appliances and any appliances equipped with electrical installations. There is hazard when working with electricity. The impact of the lunar eclipse will occur in the uncontrollability and unpredictability of human behavior, emotionally keyed up, the need for emancipation and freedom, desire to insulate itself from any attack. All this may lead to conflicts in family relationships, even scandals. Therefore, all recommended to restrain emotions and try to reduce all conflicts to a minimum, otherwise If you mess up your life just because they were unable to resist the ill effects of lunar eclipse. Impact Eclipses zvkonchitsya about 9 August, but the planet will continue to shape negative aspects. It was August 9 Saturn will enter the square to Mars in Gemini, which further emphasizes the negative aspects of the theme travel, correspondence and communication.

Men – Scorpions And Their Secrets

Scorpio Element – Water. Strong, but at the same time and the heavy nature of this zodiac sign is under the influence of two planets – Mars and Neptune. The first of these is connected with the power and ruthlessness, the second – with authority and power. It the effect of these two planets does the Scorpion so interesting, bright and charismatic, but then, same time – the strong and cruel person. The main problem is people who are born under this sign – the grave nature. Despite their inexhaustible vitality in life, they often interfere with their own impetuosity and lack of balance, they are easy is making enemies. Men – The Scorpions are very mysterious, they are often difficult to understand.

They are quite irritable, but often hide their anger – devouring itself from within. These men are very cautious in their dealings with people, never opened before the other completely. This is due to the fact that men of this character all the time it seems that they try to attack. However, in the case of a real attack, the response of male Scorpio can be really cruel. With regard to work, it should be noted that once a male Scorpio set a goal – he did achieve, come what may. Man of the mark – a man strong-willed and inflexible, while at the same time, he thinks realistically. Male Scorpio appreciates their independence, he rarely expresses affection for a specific person. However, he is always honest and correct relationship with men.

Of the professions male Scorpios most suitable doctors, lawyers and so on. Scorpio horoscope also offers a men born under this sign of a successful political career. Female Scorpios are divided into two main types. Both types are very strong as a person, but significantly different characters. Those who belong to the first type are very similar to male Scorpios. They have men's logic and excess life energy. Because of his strong character, these women are often attracted by the weak and insecure men, who though they were not particularly interesting. But if they married, almost always help their husbands in their careers. Scorpio woman of this type is not very feminine, for it does not matter much. Scorpio woman of the second type the contrary, very sensitive and coquettish. It is dangerous because it drives men mad, forcing them to do everything for her in the world! She is able to make them miserable. Very often, due to their passions it destroys not only men who are in love with her, but and herself. To better understand the characteristics of men and women of this sign, you can visit the forum Scorpion.

Climate Change United Nations

Highlighted in the economic functions of the World Trade Organization, and give political backing to the recommendations of the Expert Panel on Climate Change United Nations and the Convention of the United Nations Framework on Climate Change, Holding the clear commitment of Millennium Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2000. Assuming the limitations, which is the technique known as "quantitative analysis of content," continues to draw attention to in this document of 40 pages, mention eighteen (18) times the expression "low-carbon society", (which can be translated as a way of life with low emissions of carbon dioxide) as the ultimate goal toward which the perspective of the leaders of the G-8 should leave the planet. It is known that the values explicit in this document are not supporting or groups called "globalofobicos" or those who camp out in Argentina, mainly in the Argentine intellectuals and university environments. What is also striking that, except for details that make magnitudes in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the contents of the document to consider structuring, are shared by members of the so-called G-5 and the other participating countries. But we again reiterate that our aim is only to formulate a invitation to read the documents adopted at L'Aquila, for countries that currently happen to be the most influential on the planet. We know that these documents (in hand neutralizdos in their diffusion by the language barrier for those who do not read English), will be read by few people in these latitudes. We believe that what is decided in these forums is already having an impact on them. And it will continue. Perhaps explaining a naive utopia, if the approximately eight hundred thousand primary teachers and means to integrate the formal education system of Argentina, and about twelve thousand members of the deliberative councils or equivalent in the country, could have an effective opportunity to read this type of documentation, our population would be in a better capacity and ability to process in their daily lives, a whole new era, that somehow foreshadow these documents, our limitations that we seek to contribute to disclose. Buenos Aires (10/072009)

Rounds Farmers

a) History the Rounds Farmers arose like self-defense organizations, with basic functions of the care of goods and control of the cattle rustling, before the absence of the state authorities or by its little capacity and legitimacy to solve the social conflicts, in the middle of the decade of the 70 of the century passed in the provinces of Chota (Cuyumalca) and Bambamarca, of the department of Cajamarca, to the north of Peru. He is undeniable that Cajamarca is the cradle of the rounds farmers, which find his remote antecedents in the rural guards of aims of Century XIX and in the rounds of property of the first decades of Century XX. With variants, the experience of the rounds farmers has extended towards other important zones of the country. However, at the moment it is not counted on precise information on its number, the subjects and the way in which they solve the cases submissive its knowledge, notwithstanding the multiple studies realised on the individual. They only exist considered not so recent that they indicated that to 1990 3.435 ronderas organizations in the north of Peru existed approximately, corresponding to Cajamarca of total saying the approximated amount of 2.362 rounds farmers. b) Subjects known by the rounds farmers As far as the subjects that know the rounds, declaratively can be mentioned in sequence successive of importance: familiar lawsuits, disputes by earth, robberies of material goods (electrical devices, money, tools, etc.), damages by the animal entrance to other people’s small farms, animal assaults, robbery, paid debts, disputes by water, defamation, robberies of harvests, violation, etc. With respect to how they solve the conflicts, its effectiveness has not been emphasized and the social legitimacy of its decisions, being indicated that they solve through " one pragmatic, nonarbitrary search of the suitable decision more. One is not the application of norms, but of a normative debate, in which the norms form the departure point the discussion are not the facts, that they are already taken by dices.

Agnes Cunningham

The movement reached a high development in the century II. A. D. in schools Roman and Alexandria founded by C.1999. Scholars have attributed the origins of Gnosticism to various sources: Greek mystery cults, Zoroastrianism, Kabbalah of Judaism, and Egyptian religion. The primitive Christians regarded Simon Mago (acts 8: 9-24) as founder of Gnosticism. Its doctrine, as the other Gnostic teachers, had nothing in common with the knowledge of the mysteries of God that Paul called wisdom (1 Cor. 2: 7).

Christian leaders considered a subtle and dangerous threat to Christianity during the 2nd century, era marked by religious aspirations and philosophical concerns about the origins of life, the source of evil in the world and the nature of a deity to Gnosticism transcendent. Gnosticism was perceived as an attempt to transform Christianity into a religious philosophy and replace faith in the mysteries of the revelation, for philosophical explanations Agnes Cunningham, adds us, that Gnostic sects put his teachings into complex systems of thought. Characteristic of his position was the doctrine that all material reality is evil. One of their central beliefs was that salvation is achieved by releasing the spirit from its material prison. There were elaborate explanations of how that entrapment occurred and how should achieve the liberation of the soul. The transcendent God was taken from all of the matter by a succession of intermediaries eternal beings called eons.

These emanated in pairs (male and female); the complete series (usually 30) constitute the Pleroma, or fullness of the deity. Beyond the Pleroma were the material universe and human beings who will be saved. In Gnostic thought, there is a divine germ imprisoned in each person. The purpose of Salvation was to liberate this divine germ of matter that was lost. The Gnostics were classified people into three categories: (1) Gnostic, or insurance of salvation, because they were under influence of the spirit (pneumatikoi); (2) not fully Gnostic, but susceptible to salvation through knowledge (psychikoi); and (3) those so dominated by matter, which could not be saved (hylikoi). The Gnostics often practiced an excessive asceticism, because they believed that thus they were freed by the spirit. In its Christian version, Gnosticism has basic principles: to) the spirit of the man, consubstantial with the divine being, is a prisoner of matter and longs for his release. (b) it has need of a Redeemer who will give true knowledge (gnosis) of your origin and your destination. (c) that knowledge is the true salvation. (d) a cosmogony based on broadcasts by couples from being perfect and through a complicated terminology containing elements as varied as pythagoreanism, Hermeticism and astrology source. (e) a theology based on the allegorical exegesis of the New Testament. (f) all within a context of elected or initiates who have already got the knowledge, while others remain mired in ignorance. Original author and source of the article.

The Athenians

But so far from their brethren in mainland Greece, was little help they might expect. However, the ambitious tyrant of Miletus, Aristagoras, took the shock to mobilize the Ionian cities against Persian Empire in the year 499 a. C. The Athenians responded by sending some ships and men while Sparta, the other major Hellenic state, having no possessions or interests in these areas, simply declined. Arrival Greek assistance, the emboldened Aristagoras went on the attack momentarily managing to free the area of the Persian presence. Darius, who at that time was in Persepolis, the Persian capital, was furious and launched an offensive long-range selective but that after six years of resistance, triumphed. Darius’s revenge was terrible.

Greek cities burned, captured and killed its inhabitants and finally sold the survivors as slaves. Darius was not satisfied with that. So he instructed his nephew Artaphernes launch a wave of retaliation and trade boycotts and how many Greek boat approached the Aegean Sea. The Persians had won the first game. This is where they begin medical calls. The only ones alarmed by this situation seemed to be the Athenians. Themistocles, the notable Athenian general, sought to convince his people about the need to build a powerful navy as they were aware that at any given time, the course of action would take place by sea. However, another great Greek man, Miltiades, had a different opinion and believed that the fight should be by land and by sea.