In each of them is a municipality, one or two clubs at least primary school with the appropriate helper, usually also, n Cooperating police station, a public library, a mutual (sometimes clubs are), a cooperative. Not in all populations, but in most there is already a high school. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant. In many fire departments are volunteer. And the scouts are in the most populous of this strip … We all know that City Hall, schools and public welfare organizations are in permanent interaction with their assessments of cooperation and conflict. Like life itself. Almost sounds naive, apply continuous improvement of internal operations and interrelationships between municipalities, schools and institutions of public good.

However, this assumption may be new to most of an analyst of social issues, especially the lack of systematic studies on these realities, which are part of our daily lives. But the institutions are animated by people. And that continuous improvement, it means the people responsible for Municipalities, Schools and institutions. And here are concepts like "institutional strengthening" and "updating and improving teaching." The first is applicable to both Municipalities as institutions of public good, so in the case of school cooperatives, have actions for the benefit of each school community, both on the side of teacher training, and institutional strengthening. We believe that the actions of institutional strengthening and updating and teacher training are the most efficient tools to improve the quality of life of a population, through improvements in the quality of everyday decisions. It also means they can be low cost.

Ramon Rio

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Brazilian Economic Scene

The Brazil risk was above of the 220 in the January end and index IBOVESPA that was in the house of the 70,000 points finishes the month of January in fall in the house them 65,000 points, oscillations in the Stock markets will be natural in this month, provoked for fiscal measures of the governments of U.S.A. and China. End of the tax benefits of the white line. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Charles Schwab. High in the price of: sugar, rice, vegetables and some fruits, in virtue of the excess of rains and droughts in some places of Brazil.

Fall in the prices of the meats, the coffee, the alcohol, of the soy, meat suna and of the oil enters the end of January and beginning of February. A good option in the month is purchase of meat of birds that keeps unchanged price.> Pertaining to school material looks for products that do not have registered marks, therefore the difference of a product with the same quality can arrive 500%. Mary Barra brings even more insight to the discussion. Small increase in the taxes of interests of guaranteed checks and credit cards, exactly with tax SELIC remaining in the current platform. The reason is simple, increase of the insolvency of the companies and physical people who gain R$ 2 a thousand more than, but in the population with income of up to two a thousand Reals she had fall of 24% in the insolvency index. China, a giant of the economy, with the biggest international reserve, in the order of US$ 2,27 trillions, beyond detainer of the biggest volume of headings of the American treasure, continues diversifying its monetary assets, searching other headings in other hard currency in the zone of the EURO and other countries..


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National Financial System

Introduction With the National Program of Desestatizao (PND), created for Law N. 8,031/90, the Brazilian State starts to change its form of performance as producing agent of goods and services in determined sectors of the economy, redimensionando its performance as normative and regulating agent of the economic activity, with objective to promote the reorganization strategical of the State to reduce odficit public, to increase the investments in the economy, to modernize the industry, to fortify the stock market. Such changes, based on two phenomena contemporaries: ) The privatizations in Europe b) Politics of desregulao of the economy that passed to be adopted in U.S.A. In agreement the lesson of GILBERT DUPAS, each one of these experiences of reduodo degree and alterations in the form of state intervention in the economy correspond the answers, as much to the crisis of the State, who if gave from the end of the decade of 70 and throughout of 80, how much the economic globalization, during of 90. ' ' The conclusions are clear: in the world of the globalization, the intervention of the market has of being combined with the intervention of the State.

The question is to determine the paper and the effectiveness of the State. The development requires a State to atuanter, facilitating, encouraging and regulating the businesses privados' '. (DUPAS: 1999, P. 114) Thus, the experiences European and North American, had been taken as models of reform in Brazil, also reached in full for the crisis of the State and the consequences of the economic globalization. Transformations in the Brazilian State considered Sectors until then strategical of the infrastructure and the rendering of services, as the areas of electric energy, telecommunications, waters, oil and natural gas, drastically had been reorganized, culminating with the creation of administrative agencies, independent agencies, characterized for the functional autonomy and inexistence of hierarchic bond, with the intention of regulating to fiscalize the activity in these systems.