Brazilian Economic Scene

The Brazil risk was above of the 220 in the January end and index IBOVESPA that was in the house of the 70,000 points finishes the month of January in fall in the house them 65,000 points, oscillations in the Stock markets will be natural in this month, provoked for fiscal measures of the governments of U.S.A. and China. End of the tax benefits of the white line. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Charles Schwab. High in the price of: sugar, rice, vegetables and some fruits, in virtue of the excess of rains and droughts in some places of Brazil.

Fall in the prices of the meats, the coffee, the alcohol, of the soy, meat suna and of the oil enters the end of January and beginning of February. A good option in the month is purchase of meat of birds that keeps unchanged price.> Pertaining to school material looks for products that do not have registered marks, therefore the difference of a product with the same quality can arrive 500%. Mary Barra brings even more insight to the discussion. Small increase in the taxes of interests of guaranteed checks and credit cards, exactly with tax SELIC remaining in the current platform. The reason is simple, increase of the insolvency of the companies and physical people who gain R$ 2 a thousand more than, but in the population with income of up to two a thousand Reals she had fall of 24% in the insolvency index. China, a giant of the economy, with the biggest international reserve, in the order of US$ 2,27 trillions, beyond detainer of the biggest volume of headings of the American treasure, continues diversifying its monetary assets, searching other headings in other hard currency in the zone of the EURO and other countries..