Health Management

Orienting Otavio Pine: Prof. Jerusha Mattos SUMMARY the subject management of solid residues has been one constant challenge, mainly, in result of the concern with the ambient question, therefore its efetivao can guarantee the preservation of the occupational health and the population, beyond minimizing the impacts to the environment. This article carries through initially an analysis of the danger of the health residues, as its classification and composition. Later, is made analysis of the results gotten from a project of Management of the Residues of the Service of Health in the unit of Ready Attendance of Arthur Walnut? SP, with the theory argued in the theoretical referencial. In such a way, the quarrel presented here aims at to demonstrate as initiatives in the health sector, through adoption of methods of management of residues and the fulfilment of the legislation, can solve the impacts generated for the same. Words? residues of health service; health occupational; health publishes; Introduction Is very said in the existing perigos of contamination, in Brazil due to fiscalization lack some problems elapse that affect the health publish and are aggravated by the indifference with the management of the residues of health services, representing a great danger to the health, a time that can be contaminated with .causing microorganisms of illnesses (BRAGA, 2001). They are originary of establishments that act in the area of in agreement health can find in the article 1 of Resolution CONAMA 358 of 2005, considered as great producers of residues. The management plan if makes necessary as made use in RDC 306 of 2004 of the ANVISA, that defines the lines of direction for the handling in the health institutions. It can notice that to if establishing the specific legislaes for the health sector, we are dealing with the subject the Solid Residues of the Service of Sade (RSSS) with great relevance due its direct relation with the way environment and the public health.


The all moment, we come across in them with propagated reporters pelasmdias where, of a side, the disordered growth and surrounding aomeio disrespect are evidenced e, of another one, ferrenhos protectors danatureza display its points of view. I know some of these ' ' protetores' '. Without generalizing, intolerantes people, in its maioriahipcritas, living and liveing in areas of permanent preservation. Odiscurso is very involving, but without result. About 80% of localonde I live does not possess basic sanitation. looks at that it is a deEstado capital. I do not see nobody speaking on this, much less osintolerantes. I am ferrenho defender of the conservation of our ecosystem and also in favor of the progress, of the commanded growth denossas cities.

To forbid real estate enterprises is criardificuldades, to negotiate easinesses, a door for the corruption. It has that to have a more partial solution. I think that we would have to invsde simply to forbid an enterprise, to create mechanisms efetivosde control of the tax of occupation of ground. For example: one resortcom study of capacity for 400 apartments, would get permission to paraconstruir only 150. Organic einseticidas an obliged field of golf to use seasoning and to have 50% of preservation area. A projected prdioresidencial to use to advantage to the maximum the natural light, collecting of pluvial water, captation of solar energy, proper net detratamento of sewers, organic and inorgnico garbage collection and limited comaltura. Houses with little constructed areas, materiaisreciclveis, wood of reforestation, solar energy, collection of lixoreciclvel and areas for compostagem.

Mansions to the side-sea with decksflutuantes and aeolian energy. Clearly, everything this with the doestado hand fiscalizing and creating fiscal exemptions for such projects. Quemsabe with discounting of IPTU for ecologically correct projects, financing with lesser and subsidized interests. Who knows a stamp directly verdepara real estate, correctors, constructors, engineers and architects, enabling the involved professionals. This is not one utopia! It is possible! Oque cannot have is the simple prohibition, without a deeper study, trying to equate the ambient lines of direction with the commanded growth. Property in Florianpolis – ImovelSulFloripa

Universal Declaration

Still, second made use in the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Animals, all the animals have the same right to the life, right to the respect and the protection of the man, amongst others. As well as the Federal Constitution it attributes the right to the life of the Man as right essential of the human being, the article 1 of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Animals attributes that all they are equal before the life and have the same rights to the existence. Therefore, the article 2, item 3 makes use that ' ' all the animal has the right to the attention, the cares and the protection of homem' '. Therefore, we verify that the animal, also the wild animals, has right to the life and the survival, having to be respected and proteges, fitting the Man to watch over for its welfare and its health. Being thus, in the same way that a doctor cannot forbear to help it a human being, in any conditions, it could not a Medical Veterinarian if deny to give emergencial attendance to an animal, either wild, exotic or domestic. Our Federal Constitution determines, in the article 5, interpolated proposition XIII that the exercise of any work, craft or profession are free, taken care of the professional qualifications that the law to establish, as of the medical veterinarian. We still have, in state scope, what it makes use the Constitution of the State of So Paulo, in its article 193, interpolated propositions X and XVIII, the following one: Article 193 – The State, by means of law, will create a system of administration of the ambient quality, protection, control and development of the environment and adequate use of the natural resources, to organize, to co-ordinate and to integrate the actions of agencies and entities of the administration direct and indirect public, assured the participation of the collective, with the end of: X – to protect the flora and the fauna, in these understood all the wild, exotic and domestic animals, forbidden practical that they place its ecological function at risk and that they provoke extinguishing of species or they submit the animals to the cruelty, fiscalizing extration, production, creation, methods of abates, transport, commercialization and consumption of its specimens and by-products. .

Garbage Residues

It does not matter if the parents he is rich or poor the question is that it will go to cause great we give to the environment. Analyzing the question above proposal would not be more convenient in thinking about as to minimize the amount of residues instead of as to treat, we know that today it has a concern muitocrescente in relation to environment, which had to the effect caused by the evil conditioning of the garbage what it takes the contamination of air, water and the impacts not only ambient but in the field of the health. Had to this complexity with regard to the garbage it makes necessary in analyzing the management of the garbage of form directed for the diverse processes of exploitation of residues, in view of of that the resources are exhaustible. The boarding on the garbage requires the enrollment of all society in the direction to face this problematic one and for this it is necessary the monitoramento and fiscalization of the politics of the public power, beyond the insertion of the individuals in an educative vision on the garbage. Inside of the alternatives we have I fill with earth considered bathroom as one of the solutions sufficient practises and cockroach. She is necessary one has an adequate waterproofing so that the chorume produced in the decomposition does not come to contaminate the ground, air, pluvial and underground waters. This type of I fill with earth becomes necessary a systematic accompaniment, however this has its advantages as in I inhabit it to the case will be able anticipatedly to pass for a recycling process as well as the use of the gas methane in the energy production. How much to the lixes these receive the residues any type to the open sky of inadequate form, the investments are baixssimo, without no control very become ambient it preoccupying in function of the high level of pollution.

Climate Change United Nations

Highlighted in the economic functions of the World Trade Organization, and give political backing to the recommendations of the Expert Panel on Climate Change United Nations and the Convention of the United Nations Framework on Climate Change, Holding the clear commitment of Millennium Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2000. Assuming the limitations, which is the technique known as "quantitative analysis of content," continues to draw attention to in this document of 40 pages, mention eighteen (18) times the expression "low-carbon society", (which can be translated as a way of life with low emissions of carbon dioxide) as the ultimate goal toward which the perspective of the leaders of the G-8 should leave the planet. It is known that the values explicit in this document are not supporting or groups called "globalofobicos" or those who camp out in Argentina, mainly in the Argentine intellectuals and university environments. What is also striking that, except for details that make magnitudes in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the contents of the document to consider structuring, are shared by members of the so-called G-5 and the other participating countries. But we again reiterate that our aim is only to formulate a invitation to read the documents adopted at L'Aquila, for countries that currently happen to be the most influential on the planet. We know that these documents (in hand neutralizdos in their diffusion by the language barrier for those who do not read English), will be read by few people in these latitudes. We believe that what is decided in these forums is already having an impact on them. And it will continue. Perhaps explaining a naive utopia, if the approximately eight hundred thousand primary teachers and means to integrate the formal education system of Argentina, and about twelve thousand members of the deliberative councils or equivalent in the country, could have an effective opportunity to read this type of documentation, our population would be in a better capacity and ability to process in their daily lives, a whole new era, that somehow foreshadow these documents, our limitations that we seek to contribute to disclose. Buenos Aires (10/072009)

Social Responsibility

It is also a strategical instrument to evaluate and to multiply the exercise of the corporative Social Responsibility. In the social rocking the company shows what she makes for its professionals, dependents, collaborators and community, giving transparency to the activities that they search to improve the quality of life for all. For more specific information, check out Mary Barra. That is, its main function is to become public the enterprise Social Responsibility, constructing bigger bonds between the company, the society and the environment. Charles Schwab insists that this is the case. The social rocking is a tool that, when constructed for professional multiples, it has the capacity of explicitar and measuring the concern of the company with the people and the life in the planet. In Brazil the first social rockings had been published in years 80, but in the following decade some corporations had only passed to publish them annually. In 1997, Herbert sociologist de Souza, the Betinho, promoted a great together campaign ace companies for the spreading of the social rocking, despite voluntarily. Since January of this year the spreading of ‘ ‘ rocking social’ ‘ it is a recommendation of the Federal Advice of Accounting, that through NBC T 15 of 2004 (Brazilian Norms of Accounting) establishes the procedures to be declared in the Information of Social and Ambient Nature. He is obligator? Not.

Then, why to publish? ‘ ‘ Because to give accounts it adds value to negcio’ ‘. The social rocking favors to that they interact with the company and holds intangible aspects (reputation, confidence, credibility, integrity, intellectual capital, allegiance of the consumer, management of risk, partner-ambient responsibility and others) that they complement the traditional patrimonial rockings and the accounting of tangible aspects as: financial capital, immobilized etc.