Health Management

Orienting Otavio Pine: Prof. Jerusha Mattos SUMMARY the subject management of solid residues has been one constant challenge, mainly, in result of the concern with the ambient question, therefore its efetivao can guarantee the preservation of the occupational health and the population, beyond minimizing the impacts to the environment. This article carries through initially an analysis of the danger of the health residues, as its classification and composition. Later, is made analysis of the results gotten from a project of Management of the Residues of the Service of Health in the unit of Ready Attendance of Arthur Walnut? SP, with the theory argued in the theoretical referencial. In such a way, the quarrel presented here aims at to demonstrate as initiatives in the health sector, through adoption of methods of management of residues and the fulfilment of the legislation, can solve the impacts generated for the same. Words? residues of health service; health occupational; health publishes; Introduction Is very said in the existing perigos of contamination, in Brazil due to fiscalization lack some problems elapse that affect the health publish and are aggravated by the indifference with the management of the residues of health services, representing a great danger to the health, a time that can be contaminated with .causing microorganisms of illnesses (BRAGA, 2001). They are originary of establishments that act in the area of in agreement health can find in the article 1 of Resolution CONAMA 358 of 2005, considered as great producers of residues. The management plan if makes necessary as made use in RDC 306 of 2004 of the ANVISA, that defines the lines of direction for the handling in the health institutions. It can notice that to if establishing the specific legislaes for the health sector, we are dealing with the subject the Solid Residues of the Service of Sade (RSSS) with great relevance due its direct relation with the way environment and the public health.