American Education

With regard to Chavez, the democrat affirms that the reinforcement of the American leadership is the best form to contain the rhetoric of Chavez. Already of internal scope, Obama will make investments in public works in the infrastructure sector as form to recoup the economy and to generate new ranks of work. It will carry through cuts of taxes to the classrooms lowest, and will increase the taxes to the calls magnates, who had lived its years of glory in the mandate of Bush. But the primordial one will be for coming. We can mention as such, the reforms in the health and the education. This aims at to improve education still more as basic base in the formation of the individual, adding to the education of excellency of which already known in U.S.A., such as the University of Harvard, but this measure tends to mainly increase the quality of basic education, where as Obama it is the main one, therefore is there that everything is initiated. Already the reform in the health system, has as project to become possible the universal access the medical treatment, where any same citizen without plain millionaire of health will be able to have access.

Referring to the economy, Obama will increase the fiscalization to bonds carried through for the companies to its employees, mainly those that had received financial support on the part from the government. In what it touches to the energy questions, Obama will make searches of energies renewed to diminish the dependence of the oil, being searched to reach a sustainable economy. Such energy, but in this in case that nuclear, that the United States will have to deal with Ir and Coreia of the north, the countries that already had initiated the mentioned enrichment of Uranian for the energy supply, but in the case of the Coreia of the north, already if can notice the movement in the construction of bombs of destruction in mass, that to each day increases the risk of conflicts, much which had the acceptance of intervention of the world-wide order in its territory, not arriving even though already to banish soft to power hard to power, the hard power, that can be express for the use of the force, Obama intends to be used with little frequency, saved in necessity of defense of the American and humanitarian interests.