Sometimes it’s not so easy to find the right gift for someone who already has everything. Or from which you think you know that he already has everything. Draw inferences from the furnishing to a potential gift often represents the first approach is dar. then set the apartment or with antiques, paintings or ancient art that can not be too much to go wrong. The websites of the Antique Guide, a guide for antiques, Munich and the Bavarian countryside, is at the tip of so many book reviews. Listed are books about antiques, to the antique interior, to installation and design proposals to the antique furnishings. The spectrum ranges from the wall design to the modern design mix of old and new. The selection is made easy by the really well-founded criticisms, one notices that the books actually read and not just the press releases of book publishers have been reworded. Three sample pages to help facilitate the selection and form your own opinion. TheOrdering is made easy, a link to Amazon allows the postal delivery at a touch. It also has the advantage that potential customers can only agree with the antique-read guide further comments on the remaining sites. The selection of books reflects a modern approach to art and antiques. Since none writes about antique furnishings, who himself lives in a museum. Antiques received as exhibits to their elite special place in the apartment – “brown sauce” but quite dusty or premises shall look in vain for the viewer. Antique is raised to highlight, antiquarian Biblothek example, reference is paid, homes eccentric collector is also already met with a wink. Decorative Arts, Modern Antiquarian, English-and German-is at the benevolent co-existence. Sometimes there’s Editorial tips with regard to English-or German-language edition. The compilation of the books makes the courage to go new ways – even for avid collectorswill hit the bridge to crisper handling of their favorite pieces. In addition, the spectrum is extremely diverse. Flea Market goers can find tips on refining their findings, “The Grand Book of French Style” for instance, top shows homes of famous personalities and others will leave the viewer in selecting the appropriate paint for your antique furniture is not alone. In any case, the correct page for antiques friends on the search for the best book on the subject.


Nostalgia – a sentiment that contemporaries like it affects, if the present is the fulfillment of romantic needs denied. In many eras, there was a departure from the current zeitgeist and the applicable ideal of beauty. The things of the past with a glorified past and a romantic presentation of evidence, so that – as in the memories of an old man to the young days – that comes to the fore, which is one of the formative experiences and positive experiences. Hardly someone who inwardly from the fashion of his youth can be completely abstain. Although no longer acceptable, then the look that was at the time, especially in their youth, but still regarded as one of the most portable of all modes, to which one can remember. Just as if the geometric black-and know one thing Cacharel-dress of the late 60s not only made of fabric, cut and pattern, but would have passed out of pure emotion. Or blow the pants so much that the size of the seam would have relaxed enough for one of the minis.The gracious to connect with positive memories occupied exaggerate the value of the relics, with which we are often our carefree youth. Not only to fashions that are glorified view, is true. Also for furnishing and decorative objects. Interestingly, estimated here are not the things of their youth, as the furniture of the parents is often devalued as old-fashioned. Let’s go one or – if possible – two generations further back, it looks quite different. Although we have come mostly in duration or quality of the segment of real antiques, but my grandmother or great-grandmother of fine linen, white linen, kitchen towels with their hand-sewn hemstitching and lace petticoat, her hand-embroidered monogram or feeding a primal feeling nostalgic. If it is not just about dowry goods, which has little or no use and has been waiting for decades in the linen closet on the yellowing of the abutting edges, then the parts are often due to theexcellent material of the time, still well preserved. A special charm to spread but the things that should be considered where an intensive use. What is the attraction exercised by the style known as Shabby Chic trend, in the perfect, high-tech apartment also consciously integrated whole pieces with stains from us Perhaps it is for one or another expression of inner need to concede even the sense of self for a few quirks. In addition, the early returns time and intact was a chic little romance, which is missing in the present. The illusion of the zeitgeist has revered writers of earlier days, such as Mahler Courth a wide audience, which is implicated in both English Mannor back as well as liaisons dreams. Who wants to have the dream of ubiquitous, which brings the trend to Shabby Chic Home in his private area. An overview of the style that is flirting with the sordid and provoked one in an antique guide, the leader of Bavaria antiques. Among the raids on the Shabby Chic in Munich was aPost paid. In addition to relevant book recommendations on the subject of antique furniture and garden antiques are tips for shopping at flea markets and antique shops in Munich and its surroundings. Even if the time is past in which one places it in the garbage on the way could see a rarity, so there is still an occasional rettungswrdiges item. Maybe a heavy nostalgic picture frames with a little luck, a great grandmother or kitchen buffet, then bring to the Restoration efforts are a few additional quirks. An amateur Processing usually already ensured that the relevant pieces more or less shabby comes along. For the care of old wood, fabrics and laces of the Antique Guide holds plenty of tips prepared to order to maintain the estimated patina. So who is looking only for their own household and not commercial purposes is intended to pursue, who himself can go to the unrestrained reworking of furniture and decorative objects to emphasize the morbid charm of imperfection, and Broken and preserve, or perhapsalso generate the first place. Think nothing of it – because shabby is announced and very trendy.

Classic, Modern And Hitech Styles

Perhaps the architects and critics would react with indignation to the considered 'taxonomy'. At the same time, we offer only a description of the prevailing today in the market system of definitions that may be useful to traders, and consumers. As well as architects and designers – from the practical point of view. To reconcile this with the system adopted by the people of sophisticated definitions, let us call these groups' pseudo-styles. If you would like to know more about U.S. Mint, then click here. " And recall: correct called 'classics' – 'traditional style'.

A 'high tech' and other styles, to traditional non, called the 'modernist'. Sonia Gardner: the source for more info. The simplest system for lighting styles used by many providers, consists of only three points: 'classic', 'modern', 'high tech'. Leaving aside the danger of misunderstandings caused by an oversimplification, we will try to describe – what do they mean when mention each of these styles. 'Classic'. About her say 'Time-tested'. By the way, a landmark 'Art Nouveau' – now, academically defined as the style of late 19 th, early 20 th century – the same 'classic'. Like the 'classicism' 18-19-th century, which is also called 'Neo'. Such are the Paradoxes of definitions.

But we do not confuse! Done soundly, antique, traditional, and without 'new-fangled frills' – means a classic. From a design standpoint, we find in the classic style of symmetry, perfect proportions, traditional forms and materials. Functionally, the design can be considered redundant: the beauty above prostetskogo desire to use the object exactly as prescribed – and here the status of the owner should be emphasized, and his taste, and firmness belief that 'eternal classic.

Video Hosting Video

Earn on your own video easily. You must first register for any service are combined into one account all existing domestic video hosting. Video hosting this virtual banks all kinds of videos. Next, you must consistently register themselves videohosting list which is presented on the main page of the service. Usually service accounts together with all the video sharing which it works in one, which means earned and accrued on the show videos on various video sharing. How does it work? The system works by placing advertisements in downloaded Your video hosting by commercials.

If you have a video that you think will be of interest to many Internet users you upload it to video hosting partner. After downloading the video, you need to check the field 'Switch MoneyUp 'in the properties of the roller. So you agree to broadcast in the movie short (less than 10 seconds) of advertisement. Per-view infomercial unique visitors you get real money that accrues to your account service and which can then be deduced by any convenient electronic means. How much can you earn on it? Once you connect the service MoneyUp, you just have to follow the completion of the accounts on your account combines service. The more unique visitors to look through your video and advertising in it – the more you get the money to your account. Service takes on the expense of 100 (one hundred) rubles for every 1000 (one thousand) ad impressions unique visitors. Transfer funds from your account to your specified account Webmoney can be implemented in the accumulation of the sum is a multiple of 500 (five hundred) rubles.

Vobschem and generally like a big deal. You have video, upload them to video hosting partner, to accumulate money in your account and displays them on the accumulation of 500 rubles. But it is not so simple. Videos must be only the copyright, plagiarism and theft is unacceptable, in addition be in demand by advertisers toist must have popular themes, in order to entice advertisers to place ads on your roller skates. And yet menie despite various difficulties, many bad at this earn. Worth trying or not, you decide respected Internet users. If it is a desire there is for the details is quite possible to go to the fountainhead of this article.

Forex Market

Why are beginning to accelerated heart beat at the opening of a warrant? This fear of tightening the reins from the depths of unconsciousness. This fear and all other fears are hidden in our subconscious, and methods of psychic self-regulation – the best ways to defeat it. They help to retrain your mind. Teach your brain to respond adequately, to see the situation not as a threat but as an exciting opportunity. This line will protect you from danger. What is the subconscious sees a danger? Money! That is the true cause of all our failures in the market. Our attitude toward money. It either attracts them like a magnet in large quantities, or poses an insurmountable obstacle on their way to us.

On trade knowledge, I generally keep quiet, because without them completely stupid to count on success. I'm talking about a situation where there were knowledge, like there is an understanding of the market (which often happens), and you repeatedly open up at random or, worse still, easy to earn some money in a series of successful deals, and then completely stupid (as will the subsequent analysis) merges all in one or two deals. Make no mistake – this is subconscious protects you from danger. Your stupidity is not to blame. Hence, the most money for you at this stage is a strong poison which threatens not only your physical body but also spiritual development. At stake is everything. Unconsciousness And all the forces will remove this danger from your path by any means.

Including a loss on the market, through a trivial loss of purse, etc. That in such cases and there is a need to apply to unconsciously and agree with him. But before need to recognize the problem as a whole. Understand that money is turned to you in goal instead of a means to an end. And rebuild, of course, through unconsciousness. Understanding is the key to the situation. And then you can rebuild program so that the unconsciousness is not viewed the trade as a threat but as an exciting opportunity. Details on the website of the author and the author's blog

Istanbul – Perfect City

Istanbul – perfect city for those who everywhere and always likes something to buy. Kapali bazaar (or Grand Bazaar) in Beyazit Caddesi – is a maze of 65 series and 4000 shops, selling everything: from textiles to jewelry and antiques. Spice Bazaar, where they sell spices, dried fruits, oils and all sorts of sweets, is behind the mosque, Yeni, near Eminonu. Balik and spice souks are open from 9 am to 17 pm and on Sundays and holidays are not working. Very interesting secondhand store Cadircilar Caddesi, which sells not only antiques but also new books, as well as many different interesting . Leather goods of our compatriots often bought in shops Laleli and . Although the skin can be beneficial to buy and on the Grand Bazaar, and on the street Taksim (the most famous shopping street in Istanbul, it is worth to visit).

Istanbul – a city shopping. Surely you do not return from it without your luggage is not put on weight. And you can find there almost anything. Nevertheless, it is hardly here to buy the clothes of famous European firms, a Swiss watch or an expensive perfume. Prices are not lower than in Moscow, and a choice – not more. Likewise, with cheap consumer goods. In retailing the same and the same ugly quality you can not buy more expensive in the domestic markets. Traditionally, in Istanbul, decided to buy antiques, carpets, leather, ceramics and all sorts of coinage, spices.

And, of course, small souvenirs. And it can be done in a thousand places. You certainly do not pass the Grand Covered Bazaar, the miracle of the eastern trade with its vaulted kilometer streets and numerous shops and benches.