Nostalgia – a sentiment that contemporaries like it affects, if the present is the fulfillment of romantic needs denied. In many eras, there was a departure from the current zeitgeist and the applicable ideal of beauty. The things of the past with a glorified past and a romantic presentation of evidence, so that – as in the memories of an old man to the young days – that comes to the fore, which is one of the formative experiences and positive experiences. Hardly someone who inwardly from the fashion of his youth can be completely abstain. Although no longer acceptable, then the look that was at the time, especially in their youth, but still regarded as one of the most portable of all modes, to which one can remember. Just as if the geometric black-and know one thing Cacharel-dress of the late 60s not only made of fabric, cut and pattern, but would have passed out of pure emotion. Or blow the pants so much that the size of the seam would have relaxed enough for one of the minis.The gracious to connect with positive memories occupied exaggerate the value of the relics, with which we are often our carefree youth. Not only to fashions that are glorified view, is true. Also for furnishing and decorative objects. Interestingly, estimated here are not the things of their youth, as the furniture of the parents is often devalued as old-fashioned. Let’s go one or – if possible – two generations further back, it looks quite different. Although we have come mostly in duration or quality of the segment of real antiques, but my grandmother or great-grandmother of fine linen, white linen, kitchen towels with their hand-sewn hemstitching and lace petticoat, her hand-embroidered monogram or feeding a primal feeling nostalgic. If it is not just about dowry goods, which has little or no use and has been waiting for decades in the linen closet on the yellowing of the abutting edges, then the parts are often due to theexcellent material of the time, still well preserved. A special charm to spread but the things that should be considered where an intensive use. What is the attraction exercised by the style known as Shabby Chic trend, in the perfect, high-tech apartment also consciously integrated whole pieces with stains from us Perhaps it is for one or another expression of inner need to concede even the sense of self for a few quirks. In addition, the early returns time and intact was a chic little romance, which is missing in the present. The illusion of the zeitgeist has revered writers of earlier days, such as Mahler Courth a wide audience, which is implicated in both English Mannor back as well as liaisons dreams. Who wants to have the dream of ubiquitous, which brings the trend to Shabby Chic Home in his private area. An overview of the style that is flirting with the sordid and provoked one in an antique guide, the leader of Bavaria antiques. Among the raids on the Shabby Chic in Munich was aPost paid. In addition to relevant book recommendations on the subject of antique furniture and garden antiques are tips for shopping at flea markets and antique shops in Munich and its surroundings. Even if the time is past in which one places it in the garbage on the way could see a rarity, so there is still an occasional rettungswrdiges item. Maybe a heavy nostalgic picture frames with a little luck, a great grandmother or kitchen buffet, then bring to the Restoration efforts are a few additional quirks. An amateur Processing usually already ensured that the relevant pieces more or less shabby comes along. For the care of old wood, fabrics and laces of the Antique Guide holds plenty of tips prepared to order to maintain the estimated patina. So who is looking only for their own household and not commercial purposes is intended to pursue, who himself can go to the unrestrained reworking of furniture and decorative objects to emphasize the morbid charm of imperfection, and Broken and preserve, or perhapsalso generate the first place. Think nothing of it – because shabby is announced and very trendy.