Sometimes it’s not so easy to find the right gift for someone who already has everything. Or from which you think you know that he already has everything. Draw inferences from the furnishing to a potential gift often represents the first approach is dar. then set the apartment or with antiques, paintings or ancient art that can not be too much to go wrong. The websites of the Antique Guide, a guide for antiques, Munich and the Bavarian countryside, is at the tip of so many book reviews. Listed are books about antiques, to the antique interior, to installation and design proposals to the antique furnishings. The spectrum ranges from the wall design to the modern design mix of old and new. The selection is made easy by the really well-founded criticisms, one notices that the books actually read and not just the press releases of book publishers have been reworded. Three sample pages to help facilitate the selection and form your own opinion. TheOrdering is made easy, a link to Amazon allows the postal delivery at a touch. It also has the advantage that potential customers can only agree with the antique-read guide further comments on the remaining sites. The selection of books reflects a modern approach to art and antiques. Since none writes about antique furnishings, who himself lives in a museum. Antiques received as exhibits to their elite special place in the apartment – “brown sauce” but quite dusty or premises shall look in vain for the viewer. Antique is raised to highlight, antiquarian Biblothek example, reference is paid, homes eccentric collector is also already met with a wink. Decorative Arts, Modern Antiquarian, English-and German-is at the benevolent co-existence. Sometimes there’s Editorial tips with regard to English-or German-language edition. The compilation of the books makes the courage to go new ways – even for avid collectorswill hit the bridge to crisper handling of their favorite pieces. In addition, the spectrum is extremely diverse. Flea Market goers can find tips on refining their findings, “The Grand Book of French Style” for instance, top shows homes of famous personalities and others will leave the viewer in selecting the appropriate paint for your antique furniture is not alone. In any case, the correct page for antiques friends on the search for the best book on the subject.