Human Rights In University Education

It would that a forensic documenting injuries of women victims of gender-based violence knew how to treat them properly and what are their rights not essential to his work? Not find the essential reader that a journalist could know in detail the freedom of press, freedom of expression and the right of citizens to information? Should not the Professor of education for citizenship and human rights have studied human rights? A recent report by Amnesty International has focused its attention on the Spanish University. Its forceful title, Spanish universities, at the tail of Europe in compulsory human rights training, reveals the position occupied by the training in human rights in higher education of our country. But we still have time to change. The University should take advantage of the current process of reform of qualifications to correct this unjustifiable lack. It might be thought that this endeavour of Amnesty International just as justification the activism that is you own, but the truth is that rights training is part of the University’s mission. As reflected repeatedly the World Declaration on higher education, indicating values education as one of their duties members of the University Community citizens. To read more click here: everest capital.

Training in human rights is not an exclusive matter of the degrees of law, but it is an essential training to find the future professional activity of students oriented under a social responsibility that must be provided by a human rights approach. A more recent legislative reference establishes that an increase of public awareness and the teaching of international humanitarian law and human rights law should be promoted. Can you imagine a more propitious place to carry out this task that the University? Often, educational authorities, who share, and even encourage, these references, conceive the teaching of human rights as a unique field of the degrees of law. More than a catalog of items, human rights are the framework of legal reference and most important local, national and universal ethics in the contemporary world.

Agnes Cunningham

The movement reached a high development in the century II. A. D. in schools Roman and Alexandria founded by C.1999. Scholars have attributed the origins of Gnosticism to various sources: Greek mystery cults, Zoroastrianism, Kabbalah of Judaism, and Egyptian religion. The primitive Christians regarded Simon Mago (acts 8: 9-24) as founder of Gnosticism. Its doctrine, as the other Gnostic teachers, had nothing in common with the knowledge of the mysteries of God that Paul called wisdom (1 Cor. 2: 7).

Christian leaders considered a subtle and dangerous threat to Christianity during the 2nd century, era marked by religious aspirations and philosophical concerns about the origins of life, the source of evil in the world and the nature of a deity to Gnosticism transcendent. Gnosticism was perceived as an attempt to transform Christianity into a religious philosophy and replace faith in the mysteries of the revelation, for philosophical explanations Agnes Cunningham, adds us, that Gnostic sects put his teachings into complex systems of thought. Characteristic of his position was the doctrine that all material reality is evil. One of their central beliefs was that salvation is achieved by releasing the spirit from its material prison. There were elaborate explanations of how that entrapment occurred and how should achieve the liberation of the soul. The transcendent God was taken from all of the matter by a succession of intermediaries eternal beings called eons.

These emanated in pairs (male and female); the complete series (usually 30) constitute the Pleroma, or fullness of the deity. Beyond the Pleroma were the material universe and human beings who will be saved. In Gnostic thought, there is a divine germ imprisoned in each person. The purpose of Salvation was to liberate this divine germ of matter that was lost. The Gnostics were classified people into three categories: (1) Gnostic, or insurance of salvation, because they were under influence of the spirit (pneumatikoi); (2) not fully Gnostic, but susceptible to salvation through knowledge (psychikoi); and (3) those so dominated by matter, which could not be saved (hylikoi). The Gnostics often practiced an excessive asceticism, because they believed that thus they were freed by the spirit. In its Christian version, Gnosticism has basic principles: to) the spirit of the man, consubstantial with the divine being, is a prisoner of matter and longs for his release. (b) it has need of a Redeemer who will give true knowledge (gnosis) of your origin and your destination. (c) that knowledge is the true salvation. (d) a cosmogony based on broadcasts by couples from being perfect and through a complicated terminology containing elements as varied as pythagoreanism, Hermeticism and astrology source. (e) a theology based on the allegorical exegesis of the New Testament. (f) all within a context of elected or initiates who have already got the knowledge, while others remain mired in ignorance. Original author and source of the article.

The Sole

For example, if we focus all our energies only to get money, chances are that end up making us sick. Nobody says that money is not important; It tends to be a concern for everyone and is very useful for many things, maybe better would be proposing we use it as a means and not an end. Then, we must stop complaining and focus on the things that we want to achieve. We must do this thinking provided that there is no doubt that we will get them, we have to consider them as a fact for which we must already be thanking. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jonathan Merkh. This is probably difficult at first (that is why we talk about exercise, i.e., we must make constant exercises to achieve good practice), due to the way in which we have programmed from small. And it is that it seems that society and education had commissioned working hard to surround ourselves with fears and limitations that have been finally placed our lives in a place in which we are not happy. How to exit from this? Break our programming, to realise that all the barriers and constraints that we have are pure imaginary constructions.

YOU GET WHAT YOU THINK WHAT YOU DESERVE. This is something that you should keep in mind at the time of program yourself for wealth. Do you think that your salary is very low? Then, not do nothing to change it? You must realize that if things are bad in your life is simply because you do not do anything about it. Believest difference between successful people and you? Therefore DECISION, neither more nor less. It begins to put into practice the mindset of wealth in your life; think abundance and abundance will come towards you and, above all, think that wealth should inundate all aspects of your life. If you see obstacles along the way, you must not fear them, already that the obstacles were created with the sole purpose that could overcome. Original author and source of the article.

The Positive

Positive psychology applied like any science speak only of the contributions of the research and conclusions falls short in practice and possibilities for people to be able to understand and seize the benefits that provide research, believe that we learn by doing and if we just stayed in fine words and encouraging theme, it will be forgotten, or remain as one knowledge in our head, we must shorten the gap between knowing something and doing something, so then I want to share the following exercise that has shown effectiveness in welfare and experimentation in having more contact with a happy life day to day. Positive exercise this year is easy to perform and does not require economic resources to do it, only your will and desire to know the benefits that these above mentioned scientists have described the positive psychology; you only need to have a book. In this book that will be personal begin to write starting today all the good that you remember that it has happened in the day (do it before bedtime), focusing on you in the positive emotions that you experienced and the actions and positive results in general, if you are married even better do it with your partner! As you’ll see the exercise it is simple and before rejecting it, let me tell you the scientific potential behind him. Currently the psycho-Neurology has demonstrated how our experience shaped brain circuits from which we tend to channel the new information, in psychology is mentioned with the name of mental schemes from which people have a vision of the world, to give you an example, in projective psychological tests that apply to patients and in where shows them a drawing, are asked to express a story aboutthey tend to do so from the brain circuits that have formed and thus an antisocial person could narrate aggressive stories, spite, hatred or discussion, instead under the same stimulus (drawing) another person could narrate a situation of personal improvement, effort and achievement; every one who has projected in the narrative part of your mindset and way of seeing the world.

The Same

Spirituality is certainty aware, not irrational faith. The religion of human beings should be universal love and its unconditional compassion. Every day we see God but we don’t recognize it. We live in an artificial world created by man. Our environment is artificial, therefore a world of much suffering. This suffering is given because we’ve been conditioned to project ideal States to be achieved in the future. In the distance between what is and what should be is the human misery, suffering. We must learn the teaching of the impermanence.

Everything changes, nothing remains the same. If we understand as well that is wisdom. We must avoid attachment, aversion and ignorance. This is the path to the eradication of suffering. Attachment means not staying attached to things; The aversion is trying to avoid what we don’t like and ignorance is just do not know why we behave as we do, to not understand our motivations, our constraints. Mistakenly thinking has become an instrument to deal with any situation or problem, but This is not the ideal instrument to deal with human problems. It is not an instrument capable of revitalizing the world of life and has no faculty to generate transcendental sense, much less to lead us to the realm of the spiritual life. Thought to be a mechanical process, makes thing he touches.

It does not seek the truth but security. It is a process mechanical, superficial and dehumanized. We must awaken the divine, removing the obstacle of the ego that divides us and divides us, and move towards a full life. The actions to be taken for the destruction of the ego come from truth and not of the effort, ambition and personal greed… We talked about that man is asleep to spirituality and this implies that we have not been able to exploit our full potential, we have improved, but we do not wake up.

Cristobal Lopez Arrieta

Directive Soft sponsored and participated in the 4th. Find strategic Software free CRUCIBLE 2008, organized by SOLAR (Software Libre Argentina), MiSOL (Free Software missions) and NESLA (Free Software northeast), held last November in the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste in Corrientes (Argentina). Directive Soft was represented with Cristobal Lopez Arrieta, who participated as a speaker on the theme on the results of the PRE-CRISOL in Brazil, alongside Pablo Rizzo, on Friday, November 21. The motto of the adoption of free Software as a State policy, gathered participants from the free software community from different countries, as well as also the State representatives, companies, universities, who shared their experiences. The meeting allowed publicize and disseminate various local and foreign experiences. In the usual participatory proposal of the CRUCIBLE meeting, all attendees contributed their ideas and opinions on round tables from the perspectives of community projects, Business and ICT labour market, and education and Civil society. The results help to strengthen and guide the annual work of the participating organizations of free software, because they allow to add new points of view and stimulate participation active all discussions.

Siddh Life

Do according to another version, M? and? He dreamed one night that a small elephant with six horns, and Ruby red head down out of the sky and fell in her womb by the right side. Eight priests explained to her husband that the child would be holy and would reach the perfect wisdom. Later she went to the garden with their maids and walked under a tree room, which bowed. The Queen was hung from a branch and looked at the heavens. Do at that moment Siddh? rtha emerged from his side. Do also according to the legend, when Gautama was born blind regained sight, spoke to the deaf and dumb and a heavenly music filled the world says, that the first 29 years of the life of Prince Siddh? rtha Gauthama Buddha (between the 566-537 BC) went by completely unrelated to any spiritual activity, always lived with his family. The details of the childhood and youth of Siddh? rtha recount a life surrounded by huge luxury and comfort. He received the best education and training possible in his time. also adds that Siddharta Gautama (Buddha), lived 2,500 years ago in the North of the India. When he was 35 years old, after long years of effort, achieved enlightenment while in deep meditation. The remaining 45 years of his life he traveled by large part of the North of the India, spreading his teaching of the path to enlightenment. Do do his teaching is known in the East as Buddha-Dharma the teaching of the enlightened one not forget, that Siddh? rtha began to feel curious about what it was like in the outside world and asked permission to his father to meet his desire to.?uddhodana agreed, but prepared the output of his son by ordering it to clear the streets of any vision that could hurt the sobreprotegida awareness of the Prince.