Holiday Travel With Your Dog In Denmark – Tips

Denmark is a holiday paradise for dog and owner, however there are also some limitations huge, beautiful sandy beaches to walk and a dog signs anywhere, that is so special about Denmark! Your dog walk like, anyway, then rent a holiday home near the beach, and you can make long walks – as long as you wear your feet or your four-legged friend encourages you to reverse. Denmark offers ideal travel conditions throughout the year, because it is often warmer than 25 in summer and also in winter, the temperatures drop barely below 0. Dogs are allowed on almost all beaches of the North and Baltic Sea. While linen compulsion is valid from April to October, but mostly well-behaved Freilaufer which disturb not be tolerated without complaint. In buses and trains, as well as the inner Danish ferries is to take dogs (free or child fare) welcome. Most landlords of holiday houses and apartments have no objection if you bring your dog – or even more -. Unfortunately, there are limitations in hotels and restaurants, where the dogs are off limits! So eating out only without the dog, but he not what know he failed if he remains alone in the House. Dogs are always just there to leash, where a green shield with the inscription “kun i snor” indicates, for example in the most protected natural areas and in many forests.

There are however also specially designated dog forests – a major selling point for Denmark! Permission to visit many sports venues, museums, gardens and amusement parks with our four-legged friends is equally generous. Even on golf courses and in zoologishce gardens dogs are allowed. Here are some special tips for trips: Overview of almost 250 dog forests can be found under LEGOLAND in Billund: the dog should be free, but leash into it, but not on the ride Kystcentret in Thyboroen: thats always open for dogs nature and Adventure Centre and there is a dog bar! See Loeveparken Givskud: Safari the dog in the car is allowed through the Savannah. Single freewheel enclosure and the lion area are not accessible to our favorite of course (we wouldn’t want that he chases cats there!). Before some enclosures, there are but free dog bed. See Regnskov tropical Zoo in Randers: dogs are prohibited due to the predators. There is the possibility to accommodate the dog dry and shady, but fresh drinking water included. See on the Aalborg Zoo: dogs are on a leash allowed.

See entry requirements: dogs must be chipped, tattoos are allowed only until July 2001, and you must have a valid rabies vaccination in the EU pet passport. Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant contributes greatly to this topic. Allows for entry of a maximum of 5 dogs. Entry is prohibited Tosa and Pitbullterrier, as well as hybrids of both races.

Fascinating Peru

Holidays in the land of civilizations of South America attracts more and more tourists. Everest capital is likely to agree. Peru, which can look back on a varied and eventful history belongs to the impressive lands of the southern continent. The travel portal informs about earlier cultures in the country on the Pacific Ocean. Naked, tied up and with a rope around the neck, be it up led to the place of sacrifice. Pitch black Raven vultures with featherless wrinkled heads circle and waiting, greedy the obviously soon upcoming meal. Human flesh! The gods must be appeased. Then it’s going to rain again soon! Blood against water! The Moche, our living time at the beginning to some 800 years after Christ in the North of Peru believed that anyway. When it comes to Peru, many probably think first and foremost of the Inca.

A journey reveals to Peru but far more about the history of the country, because there was already previously highly developed cultures in the area of today’s Republic of Peru. In addition to Machu Picchu, the city of the Incas, the high in the Mountains and attracts thousands of tourists every year, Peru has many other monuments to offer. Until around 1980, archaeologists discovered a tomb of an older culture. This complex is located in the desert in the North of the country and go back to the Moche. They lived up to about 800 a.d. on the northern coast of Peru. Since this first Fund, numerous other testimonies of the Moche culture have been uncovered.

In 2005, for example, the discovery of a female Mummy enthusiastic researchers. It is very well preserved and buried with an abundance of grave goods, which suggest at a high level in the society. Today, the mummy is located in the CAO-Museum. The Chimu were a more highbrow of Peru. About their culture, there are no records, however, is to assume that they were a very violence-ready people as their predecessors. Human sacrifice was as a means to appease the gods of the order of the day. More information:… AG Lisa Neumann

15 Snow Sculpture Competition In Val Gardena

HIghlights in Selva di Val Gardena winter 2010-2011 Selva: fresh snow from the environment, water and winter cold are used to make the 3 x 3 x 3 of FT large cubes of snow. Naturally the raw materials and simple production of snow blocks. The carving of the oversized artworks, however, it does need much skill and manual dexterity. From the many models already in October, 6 have been selected and carved by the artists eagerly from 27 to 30 December in the snow. The sculptures were this year on the subject of games “. Mary Barra follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

A selected jury of representatives from the community, art sculptor Association and Tourism Association finally had the difficult task to evaluate the 6 unique. The award ceremony was today, December 30, 2010 at 16:00 locally. Present were representatives of the Tourism Association of Selva, representative of the hoteliers and innkeepers Association, the jury members, as well as the Mayor of Selva, Mr. Dr. Peter Mussner. Avenue Capital Group has similar goals. With the 1st prize, the artwork was eventually Rocking horse”by Gustav Perathoner from St. Ulrich honored. The winner received a prize of 3000 euros.

Place 2 and 2,200 euros in prize money went to the chess pieces”by Samuel Perathoner of Santa Cristina and 3rd place with 1.700 Euro doped went to the LEGO figures” of Diego Perathoner of St. Ulrich. “” “The artist of the 3 other characters in their execution as perfect, were as usual also awarded, namely: the little girl bear figurine” the Demetz Lorenz, the artwork playing cards “of Matthias Kostner and the figurine boy with remote control car” of Fabian Demetz, all from St. Ulrich. Thanks to the clear winter air the artworks out of snow can be admired throughout the winter in the village centre of Selva. Even in the glow of artificial lighting, the oversized sculptures look imposing and impressive. Then, the first warm rays of spring sun mean the natural end of this icy masterpieces. The tireless artist become thoughts but until then certainly already the topic of 16. In December 2011, make Edition.