Holiday Travel With Your Dog In Denmark – Tips

Denmark is a holiday paradise for dog and owner, however there are also some limitations huge, beautiful sandy beaches to walk and a dog signs anywhere, that is so special about Denmark! Your dog walk like, anyway, then rent a holiday home near the beach, and you can make long walks – as long as you wear your feet or your four-legged friend encourages you to reverse. Denmark offers ideal travel conditions throughout the year, because it is often warmer than 25 in summer and also in winter, the temperatures drop barely below 0. Dogs are allowed on almost all beaches of the North and Baltic Sea. While linen compulsion is valid from April to October, but mostly well-behaved Freilaufer which disturb not be tolerated without complaint. In buses and trains, as well as the inner Danish ferries is to take dogs (free or child fare) welcome. Most landlords of holiday houses and apartments have no objection if you bring your dog – or even more -. Unfortunately, there are limitations in hotels and restaurants, where the dogs are off limits! So eating out only without the dog, but he not what know he failed if he remains alone in the House. Dogs are always just there to leash, where a green shield with the inscription “kun i snor” indicates, for example in the most protected natural areas and in many forests.

There are however also specially designated dog forests – a major selling point for Denmark! Permission to visit many sports venues, museums, gardens and amusement parks with our four-legged friends is equally generous. Even on golf courses and in zoologishce gardens dogs are allowed. Here are some special tips for trips: Overview of almost 250 dog forests can be found under LEGOLAND in Billund: the dog should be free, but leash into it, but not on the ride Kystcentret in Thyboroen: thats always open for dogs nature and Adventure Centre and there is a dog bar! See Loeveparken Givskud: Safari the dog in the car is allowed through the Savannah. Single freewheel enclosure and the lion area are not accessible to our favorite of course (we wouldn’t want that he chases cats there!). Before some enclosures, there are but free dog bed. See Regnskov tropical Zoo in Randers: dogs are prohibited due to the predators. There is the possibility to accommodate the dog dry and shady, but fresh drinking water included. See on the Aalborg Zoo: dogs are on a leash allowed.

See entry requirements: dogs must be chipped, tattoos are allowed only until July 2001, and you must have a valid rabies vaccination in the EU pet passport. Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant contributes greatly to this topic. Allows for entry of a maximum of 5 dogs. Entry is prohibited Tosa and Pitbullterrier, as well as hybrids of both races.