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The fact set a precedent dangerous to Moctezuma, who since then had to struggle very hard to prevent uprisings of his subjects, outraged by how the cross had taken the place of their usual and ancient gods. The Spaniards, for his part, incidentally discovering the gold reserves of the city, not could hide his great ambition and Moctezuma, who already knew that it was what they wanted, gave them what could. But cuts showed insatiable. And that made teasing to the Aztecs, they began to doubt of Moctezuma. But it was late to rebel. Moctezuma, subjected to constant surveillance, was neutralized. In the meantime, Cortes organized expeditions to visit the nearby mines. Leave the city meant for cuts face the episode known as la Noche triste.

Out of Tenochtitlan, Cortes took news of the expedition’s arrest sent by Diego Velasquez and captained by Panfilo de Narvaez. Only his cunning and his temple in desperate moments could undo it and while he was back, he knew that the forces in charge of Pedro Alvarado were being threatened. Alvarado, believing that the natives maquinaban his death, closed the entrances around the temple during a ceremony in honour of the god Huitzilopochtli and the natives killed at close range. The Aztecs, unarmed, could do nothing against the insanity of an irresponsible. Senior leaders of the nobility, war veterans, the calpixques, the interpreters of codices, all died. The dimension of the murder broke the chains of the respect that he felt the town toward Moctezuma and rebelled, besieging the Royal Palace for more than 20 days. The Spaniards, entrenched, took Moctezuma and other heads with them to maybe use them as ransom. The news of what happened should have impacted the Spaniards. Cuts made in an attempt to bring peace, which Moctezuma came to one of the walls of the Palace so talk to your people and tranquilizara them; However, the enraged crowd started throwing stones, one of which wounded Moctezuma of gravity during his speech and died 3 days later.