American Porsche

So far, I walked along the parking lot, clutching a silver pendant from the Cayenne, comes to mind when thinking about the first generation of German ". When in 2002 the world saw the Cayenne, the first reaction was, "Well, freak!", Although after a while people began to willing to queue for the first crossover from Porsche. Many car journalists were predicting his resounding failure, they say, Lamborghini has already tried to create something similar and they have failed, except for a few instances, Lost in the Middle East. However, they forgot that the last ten years ball is ruled by marketers who are rarely wrong. All of these "compact urban crossover" and "four-door coupe," coined by brilliant minds these creative people, though seem absurd, but it sold very well. So, these same, hated by many marketers have found that it is necessary to mankind in the person of wealthy people from the car. Especially at that during the financial crisis seemed to be something akin to the Second Coming. Continue to work come from engineers who are used to create the Cayenne platform from Volkswagen Touareg.

Then the project was handed over to the wizards of the Porsche. I do not know what magic rituals they committed to running, but nearly three-ton, tall Porsche screwed into the corners, in violation of generally accepted laws of physics, while remaining remarkably comfortable. I confess that I too was expecting failure, but precisely as long as rolled on him. Cayenne has everything that is equally necessary to Dubai , a Russian oligarch, an American plastic surgeon or a spouse of a British soccer Premier League.

Human Psychology

They proved that the gene (the fate) of a person can change in three ways. Namely, acting on a DNA molecule with the help of chemistry, with exposure to radiation and by affecting the human subconscious. Here's the third way and I I am going. That's just my method differs from the classic. The well-known psychology changed human destiny in a very long time. In addition, together with the original source of any problems, she pulls out man a lot of unnecessary and superfluous – that the correction is not needed. This method of solution can be compared to that of prospector, who, before you find a nugget, bolt tons of waste rock. I practicing genetic psychology, which achieves the desired result, for example, to lose weight in a fairly short period of time, or to arrange his personal life necessary for you to read, to solve health problems, eliminate financial problems, improve relationships with others, especially for people with significant people and so on.

Limitations here, by and large, no, in what? – No false modesty I can say that Within three to four months can solve most problems for me are treated. The technologies that I use in my work, allow to achieve positive change at the first meeting. This is because I'm working point – discover the cause of the problem and start working with it. My diagnostic methods allow to find the problem, which originated in a person's life, a maximum of one hour. In more serious cases, two hours.