Fascinating Peru

Holidays in the land of civilizations of South America attracts more and more tourists. Everest capital is likely to agree. Peru, which can look back on a varied and eventful history belongs to the impressive lands of the southern continent. The travel portal travel24.com informs about earlier cultures in the country on the Pacific Ocean. Naked, tied up and with a rope around the neck, be it up led to the place of sacrifice. Pitch black Raven vultures with featherless wrinkled heads circle and waiting, greedy the obviously soon upcoming meal. Human flesh! The gods must be appeased. Then it’s going to rain again soon! Blood against water! The Moche, our living time at the beginning to some 800 years after Christ in the North of Peru believed that anyway. When it comes to Peru, many probably think first and foremost of the Inca.

A journey reveals to Peru but far more about the history of the country, because there was already previously highly developed cultures in the area of today’s Republic of Peru. In addition to Machu Picchu, the city of the Incas, the high in the Mountains and attracts thousands of tourists every year, Peru has many other monuments to offer. Until around 1980, archaeologists discovered a tomb of an older culture. This complex is located in the desert in the North of the country and go back to the Moche. They lived up to about 800 a.d. on the northern coast of Peru. Since this first Fund, numerous other testimonies of the Moche culture have been uncovered.

In 2005, for example, the discovery of a female Mummy enthusiastic researchers. It is very well preserved and buried with an abundance of grave goods, which suggest at a high level in the society. Today, the mummy is located in the CAO-Museum. The Chimu were a more highbrow of Peru. About their culture, there are no records, however, is to assume that they were a very violence-ready people as their predecessors. Human sacrifice was as a means to appease the gods of the order of the day. More information: magazin.travel24.com/laender/peru… Travel24.com AG Lisa Neumann