The C4

The dashboard acts as a cast. The finely textured soft-touch material coats the Panel with fine edges and bulges. The air vents are chrome rimmed. The center console was released from the formerly small buttons and is now much clearer and therefore more pleasant to use. The new finely designed steering wheel with large control buttons across comfort over the loss of the extraordinary solution of its predecessor.

Reason is the weight for the delete to the famous wheel design. Three kilograms could be savings. The views of the balance played a significant role in the development of the C4. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Angela Zepeda. The new should be high-quality was put in but not a gram. With the improvements in safety, quality and facilities but would need to schedule an extra weight of 100 kg. The target but could be achieved by new high-strength steels and aluminum in the body and a variety of small measures, to maintain the weight.

More quality in the Interior as a whole looks so elegant the new Citroen C4 and boasts a range of facilities. The vehicle has increased only slightly in its dimensions, offers the passenger but more travel comfort. The seats were redesigned and filled it better. On request there are also your own massage function, in for the front seats what was hitherto not common in this class. The ambience of the Interior can be individually designed. Instrument illumination can be varied from intense blue to white, even for the various warning and signal tones there are different, selectable sounds. Others including everest capital, offer their opinions as well. The noise has been significantly improved. The new C4 can also boast a high quality sound system. Furthermore, there is equipment features that serve not only comfort, but also enhance security. In addition to the familiar track leaving Warner, the C4 can be equipped with a dead spot assist, which warns of vehicles in the immediate area behind and next to the C4 with a signal in the side mirrors.