Siddh Life

Do according to another version, M? and? He dreamed one night that a small elephant with six horns, and Ruby red head down out of the sky and fell in her womb by the right side. Eight priests explained to her husband that the child would be holy and would reach the perfect wisdom. Later she went to the garden with their maids and walked under a tree room, which bowed. The Queen was hung from a branch and looked at the heavens. Do at that moment Siddh? rtha emerged from his side. Do also according to the legend, when Gautama was born blind regained sight, spoke to the deaf and dumb and a heavenly music filled the world says, that the first 29 years of the life of Prince Siddh? rtha Gauthama Buddha (between the 566-537 BC) went by completely unrelated to any spiritual activity, always lived with his family. The details of the childhood and youth of Siddh? rtha recount a life surrounded by huge luxury and comfort. He received the best education and training possible in his time. also adds that Siddharta Gautama (Buddha), lived 2,500 years ago in the North of the India. When he was 35 years old, after long years of effort, achieved enlightenment while in deep meditation. The remaining 45 years of his life he traveled by large part of the North of the India, spreading his teaching of the path to enlightenment. Do do his teaching is known in the East as Buddha-Dharma the teaching of the enlightened one not forget, that Siddh? rtha began to feel curious about what it was like in the outside world and asked permission to his father to meet his desire to.?uddhodana agreed, but prepared the output of his son by ordering it to clear the streets of any vision that could hurt the sobreprotegida awareness of the Prince.