Video Hosting Video

Earn on your own video easily. You must first register for any service are combined into one account all existing domestic video hosting. Video hosting this virtual banks all kinds of videos. Next, you must consistently register themselves videohosting list which is presented on the main page of the service. Usually service accounts together with all the video sharing which it works in one, which means earned and accrued on the show videos on various video sharing. How does it work? The system works by placing advertisements in downloaded Your video hosting by commercials.

If you have a video that you think will be of interest to many Internet users you upload it to video hosting partner. After downloading the video, you need to check the field 'Switch MoneyUp 'in the properties of the roller. So you agree to broadcast in the movie short (less than 10 seconds) of advertisement. Per-view infomercial unique visitors you get real money that accrues to your account service and which can then be deduced by any convenient electronic means. How much can you earn on it? Once you connect the service MoneyUp, you just have to follow the completion of the accounts on your account combines service. The more unique visitors to look through your video and advertising in it – the more you get the money to your account. Service takes on the expense of 100 (one hundred) rubles for every 1000 (one thousand) ad impressions unique visitors. Transfer funds from your account to your specified account Webmoney can be implemented in the accumulation of the sum is a multiple of 500 (five hundred) rubles.

Vobschem and generally like a big deal. You have video, upload them to video hosting partner, to accumulate money in your account and displays them on the accumulation of 500 rubles. But it is not so simple. Videos must be only the copyright, plagiarism and theft is unacceptable, in addition be in demand by advertisers toist must have popular themes, in order to entice advertisers to place ads on your roller skates. And yet menie despite various difficulties, many bad at this earn. Worth trying or not, you decide respected Internet users. If it is a desire there is for the details is quite possible to go to the fountainhead of this article.