Universal Declaration

Still, second made use in the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Animals, all the animals have the same right to the life, right to the respect and the protection of the man, amongst others. As well as the Federal Constitution it attributes the right to the life of the Man as right essential of the human being, the article 1 of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Animals attributes that all they are equal before the life and have the same rights to the existence. Therefore, the article 2, item 3 makes use that ' ' all the animal has the right to the attention, the cares and the protection of homem' '. Therefore, we verify that the animal, also the wild animals, has right to the life and the survival, having to be respected and proteges, fitting the Man to watch over for its welfare and its health. Being thus, in the same way that a doctor cannot forbear to help it a human being, in any conditions, it could not a Medical Veterinarian if deny to give emergencial attendance to an animal, either wild, exotic or domestic. Our Federal Constitution determines, in the article 5, interpolated proposition XIII that the exercise of any work, craft or profession are free, taken care of the professional qualifications that the law to establish, as of the medical veterinarian. We still have, in state scope, what it makes use the Constitution of the State of So Paulo, in its article 193, interpolated propositions X and XVIII, the following one: Article 193 – The State, by means of law, will create a system of administration of the ambient quality, protection, control and development of the environment and adequate use of the natural resources, to organize, to co-ordinate and to integrate the actions of agencies and entities of the administration direct and indirect public, assured the participation of the collective, with the end of: X – to protect the flora and the fauna, in these understood all the wild, exotic and domestic animals, forbidden practical that they place its ecological function at risk and that they provoke extinguishing of species or they submit the animals to the cruelty, fiscalizing extration, production, creation, methods of abates, transport, commercialization and consumption of its specimens and by-products. .